No More Navy Uniform Changes

You know, I was planning on buying some additional uniforms before I deploy. As a way to flesh out my naval wardrobe. But now I am not so sure. The notion that we’ve got all this camouflage doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said at the Defense Writers Group breakfast meeting in Washington. “I think it’s worthwhile to see if we can shrink the numbers here. Uh oh. Can we please just stop? No more uniform reshuffles. I’ve worn at least a dozen different uniforms over the same number of years.

My enlisted uniforms:
-Summer cotton whites
-CNT whites
-White Crackerjacks
-Blue Crackerjacks
-Johnny Cashes
-Old PT uniform

My officer uniforms:
-DCU cammies
-Wash khakis
-Poly blend khakis
-Service Dress Blues
-Desert flight suit
-Summer officer whites
-Choker whites
-Officer coveralls
-New PT uniform

I give up. I truly give up. Can we stop the madness? I understand that we in the Navy are led by civilians. But can we stop? Just don’t make any changes for five years. Nearly all those uniforms above, I bought. Yes, I got some in Boot Camp. But they were low quality and I changed them out in two years. Yes, I received a uniform allowance when I was enlisted. But I don’t now. Other than the DCUs and one flight suit, I bought all my other officer uniforms. Please stop. I’ve put out nearly a K for just the aquaflage. $1000. No allowance. I gladly pay it and wear it with pride. Just stop. Please. . .

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  1. Your problem is timing. Me? I bought
    Wash khaki
    CNT khaki and whites

    was issued organizational clothing:
    post ODS Desert Cam
    old standard Forest Cam
    Coveralls (blue and green)

    That was it for almost 30 years. Timing was everything!

    One day after quarters my LCPO took me aside and said, “Sir, I try. I really try. I try to get them to quarters in the working uniform of the day to, you know, verify that they have it and that it looks military. Don’t you think you could try sir to come to quarters in uniform? Maybe with a belt? Wearing collar devices…. Just saying.” :)

    1. You timed that perfectly! I got screwed. The sheer volume is crazy. I’ve thrown a lot and given the usable stuff away. . .

  2. Well the 16 different camo’s throught the DOD is nuts! Marpat, ACU, ABU, Multi Cam, New Cam FAMILY replacing Multi Cam that replaced ACU. Come on Woodland camo was great for how long and they went back to ti for Multi cam? Now the Army has 4 different camo. And none are as good as the original?
    But 10 different navy uniforms? WOW. You will need a u-haul to go to Japan. Shipping air freight will cost a ton! Good Luck!

  3. There’s a PT uniform? Who knew? I’m glad I’m gone…the uniform closet must be full to bursting for women…both Officer and Enlisted….wow….good luck with that closet you have, Navy One…..k

  4. Over here we are fortunate in that we have an initial issue of uniforms of which we exchange when worn or damaged. It excludes underwear and socks. Any purchase of additional uniforms or ‘bits of kit’ are made from ‘Naval Stores’, which is heavily subsidised.
    Deploying to a Ship (as part of the Ship’s company) was a nightmare, due to the amount of uniforms and equipment a bootneck was expected to move with. Fortunately some one came up with the bright idea of issuing the Marine Det with a half store, which also brought along some valuable perks.

    Yours Aye.

  5. Mark: It is nuts, but they are for different services!
    Kris: Yup, we had an old pt uni and a new one. Neither is very good.
    Ex B: That is great, how it should be. You’all could teach us something.
    Ed: Haha, very true!
    Lil C: Aw, the old dung-grrr-reees. Just missed ’em…

  6. Seems to me that Woodland Camouflage and Desert Camouflage did us just fine for 20+ years…

  7. Hey, man, you must grok that the military uniforms are the only way government can support the designers and manufacturers of that industry indirectly. If they stop it, the ladies will have to pay more for their outfits, and no one wants it to happen. Imagine… no, better not.

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