Who Are the Patriots?

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.
–Edward Abbey

4 thoughts on “Who Are the Patriots?

  1. They’d get better coverage if they asked my favorite topless girl protesters to join them.
    AND I’d be able to post another FEMEN post- win/win!

  2. The Abbey quote is magnificent. In Turkey, the patriot used to be the Army but then the muslim government gutted the Army and the people of Turkey did nothing at all. I wonder if any of them see any resemblance to what they have done and what was done to the Shah by a very small muslim minority. As with the American and French Revolutions, it doesn’t take a majority to make an overwhelming movement that forces drastic change. Just a fearlessly committed minority.

  3. I have to wonder how far PM Erdogen is willing to go in his pursuit of a further leftist Islamic state…that a theocracy is autocratic is obvious to the most casual of observers…k

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