SPITFIRE 944. A Hero and a few good men

A few years back I was carrying out some research on a local WWII airfield (now redundant) that was home to a Spitfire Squadron, whose role was to protect York from Nazi bombers. Whilst trawling the net I came across a short film that was produced for the Sundance film festival, which I almost gave up on watching (I am so glad that I persevered). Up until this morning I had forgotten about the remarkable story, until it appeared on the Blog of Theo Spark, ‘Last of the Few’800px-Spitfire_944_fest_poster_a

SPITFIRE 944 – YouTube 22 year old Pilot Lieutenant John S. Blyth, is one of many WWII servicemen who took it in their stride and got the job done. They are all heroes in the true sense of the word. It required a few good men to bring the story of John S Blyth to the screen, which I am thankful for. If you have a few minutes on your hands, you too can share this young American’s amazing story

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2 thoughts on “SPITFIRE 944. A Hero and a few good men”

  1. I had this sent to me in an email and I posted it on Facebook. How would you like to have someone come to your door with a film of your service 50 years later? I think it is great that he got to see the film and for his family to see it, too. If they did it to me, it would probably involve black mail of some sort though. I did nothing heroic like he did or you have done. So, if he blackmails me for, say, $19.95, I could probably swing it.

    1. Coffeypot, I loved the look of surprise on John S Blyth’s face when they showed him ‘his’ landing; absolutely priceless, especially as he got to show it to his family. What a treasure to keep.

      Blackmailed for $19. 95c, I hope you ask for the 5c change out of a $20 😉


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