According to media stalwart Time Magazine, the Navy has been using ALL CAPS messages since the USS Monitor:

USS Monitor
USS Monitor

But big changes are afoot. A Navy Message used to look like this:

Navy Cap1Now they look like:

Navy Caps 2

Time Magazine comes through yet again. . .

5 thoughts on “Navy Ends CAPITAL PUNISHMENT”

  1. ALL CAPS is probably just a hold-over from the teletype days. The typebox on a TTY (using 5-level or Baudot code) only supported capital letters and figures (numbers and symbols). I remember the AN/UGC-6 and it’s low-level variant the UGC-49 well.

      1. And Baudot’s (a Frenchman) code eventually leads to the term “baud rate”, which used to be more familiar when modems were a lot slower.

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