An Unfaithful Bremerton Sailor

Some unfaithful Bremerton Sailor got welcomed home by his wife in an unusual way:

A Sailor in Bremerton?
A Sailor in Bremerton?

Ignore Daily Mail’s title of Unfaithful soldier’s wife welcomes him home with sign that says ‘Welcome Home Cheater.’ This has Navy written all over it, considering the locale.

7 thoughts on “An Unfaithful Bremerton Sailor”

  1. Someone pointed out that might have been his name; not likely or probable but, hey….airing dirty laundry as the phrase goes isn’t a good thing to do at this particular time…she’s obviously very angry…and you can hardly blame her…might that be the reason for the unmowed lawn???…k

  2. IF that is not his name why go home. I guess he’s had enough stress on deployment. And to come home to even worse. I would have kept on driving.

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