Khartoon, by Khalid Albaih

Khalid Albaih is a Sudanese cartoonist who works in Qatar for the Qatar Museum Authority. He is also the son of a diplomat who grew up on an Egyptian magazine called Sabah al-Kheir and their steady diet of cartoons. Khalid has own Facebook site called Khartoon!:

Khartoon by Khalid Albaih
Khartoon by Khalid Albaih

The title says: The Syrian problem.

And each of the puppet-masters, both the regime on the left and National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces on the right, is saying to their fighters: Allah is with you!

I don’t agree with all his work, but he has an interesting angle. . .

3 thoughts on “Khartoon, by Khalid Albaih”

  1. Two years of abject misery for all concerned, with no end in sight, such is the way of an Islamic state when its dictator is ‘intentionally’ weakened by the West.

    Syria gained its independence from France in 1946, since then there have been more ‘coups’ than a Yorkshire pigeon loft contains at feeding time.

    Eventually we will come to learn what the bluff, double bluff, or true deflective reason was all about, and we will see who was supposed to benefit from this. One things for sure, it destabilised Russia when it lost its only sea port in the Med, and through an ‘incredible’ co-incidence, the economy in Cyprus (aka, little Russia) was almost toppled when its banking system almost collapsed.
    (The gypsies whisper that ‘Potty Putin’ banks has his ill gotten $billions there is well known over this side of the pond).

    Yours Aye.

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