USS You-Ess-Ess

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  1. Question from ‘Slightly Bemused’ of Yorkshire….

    What is the reason for naming one ship ‘USS’ and the other ‘USNS’?

    I refuse to drink a ‘cuppa char’ until my question is answered.

    Yours Aye
    (Choking for a pot of Yorkshire tea)

    • Ah, just ’bout to go to the gym and this demands an answer. USNS = auxiliary, not a warship. USS = warship. Different rules of war, manning, etc apply. Please go char up…

      • Ahhhh… well and truly hoisted aboard, we refer to them as RFA’s, ‘Royal Fleet Auxiliary’.

        The Royal Fleet Auxiliary is a civilian-manned fleet, owned by the MOD, which supports Royal Navy ships around the world, supplying warships with fuel, ammunition and supplies. The RFA fleet is fully integrated into the Royal Navy’s command and control system and forms a vital part of maritime operations.
        (Every RFA has additional RN ratings, as well as specific RM protection teams aboard).

        (scrambling for the tea pot)……….

  2. Kris: USS You-Ess-Ess is also a joke. There is no such bloody vessel.
    Old NFO: Yes, sadly.
    DB: Haha, good point!

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