I have a nose for these sort of things…

The mind boggles as to where this next trend will lead to? If your canine companion is a little Yorkie terrier, or a Chihuahua, all well and good.dog_nose_jewelley_306x325

A real nose for business ! Jewellery designer uses PET snout imprints to create precious silver keepsakes for owners



 Pet owners can be crazy in their choice of species, (the canine world sits well with me), I would draw the line at owning an exotic pet, such as a Proboscis monkey, and if I did, I certainly would not want its snout imprint! (How about a pot bellied pig, a horse, or even your loved one)?largestdog zorba


What happens if your canine companion is a huge Mastiff, or some thing of a similar size, would you want to carry 1Ib of semi precious metal around on a key ring, or a pendent on a chain? I guarantee that some one will.  As I said earlier, the mind boggles

Yours Aye.

12 thoughts on “I have a nose for these sort of things…”

    1. NavyOne, what about your other pet, ‘Ronald Rhino’, I would love to see you lug that one around… Though in Japan I suppose they wouldn’t even bat an eye lid?


  1. After reading this some marketer will have a kit for “other” body parts.

    1. Jon S, I believe that is already out on the market (easily concealed for the guy to carry his partners ‘imprint’ about, not so ok for his partner to do the same)? Best I leave it there…


  2. Nose print jewelry? What sort of a call is there for that?? Don’t most of us already have enough we never wear?? I know I do…a very strange trend, if you ask me…k

    1. Kristen, I do believe it will only become even more bizarre and weird as deep thought goes into it… Where will it end!


  3. I kind of like it, but the Dane’s nose would be rather large. Maybe the rat terrier would be better. Handsome Jack, the Red Heeler, has the best snout.

  4. Lou, the Danes nose print could be used for a door stop, or a wedge for the farms tractor wheel!

    I don’t need a reminder, as each morning I come down to see the dog’s nose art across the double glazed windows…


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