You can’t crack me ‘cos’ I’m a rubber duck…

When I went through Commando training there was a term used by one and all, it was  silently expressed in front of the training team, and spoken as a whisper between recruits; “You can’t crack me ‘cos’ I’m a rubber duck”. I have no idea how or why it started, or even when it started, as with most terms they are simply copied and used, as in this case as an act of defiance against the most brutal, mental, and physical aspects of Commando training. Perhaps it is due to the fact that a rubber/plastic duck appears to survive the most arduous conditions, and comes through intact, still smiling? As discovered and proven, when on the 10th JANUARY 1992: Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean nearly 29,000 First Years bath toys, including bright yellow rubber ducks, are spilled from a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean.


Thousands of rubber ducks to land on British shores after 15 year …

Either way, it looks like the fight against oppression will soon have a new figure-head, which highlights the resolve of those under the boot of a dictatorship or a corrupt regime.article-2335636-1A2573D5000005DC-841_636x413

China bans all internet searches for ‘big yellow duck’ as part of Tiananmen Square anniversary clampdown after prankster substitutes ducks for tanks in viral image

Mover over ‘Chive’ and make way for the next phenomenon to hit town; ‘Rubber Duck’, coming to a T shirt near you! And you heard it here first via the Mellow JIhadi… Any takers ready to jump on the band wagon, and Copy-write it to start it rolling? A 10% donation per item is required to the military Wounded Warrior Project for the intellectual rights.

Yours Aye

8 thoughts on “You can’t crack me ‘cos’ I’m a rubber duck…”

    1. Veronica, I just had to google your term as I have never heard of it before, though it does make sense… 😉


  1. I used to sing the ribber ducky song to my daughter when giving her a bath. Never did the image of SEALS or Commandos come to mind. But your explication does make sense.

    1. NavyOne, now here’s the thing… If these things are so indestructible, then why hasn’t the Navy cottoned onto it, and started making their Ships of the line out of the same material?

      The mind boggles at the thought of the Battle of Trafalgar. A long line of yellow rubber ducks battering into a line of green plastic frogs… (oop’s, medication time)!


    1. Kristen, as a young kid I had ‘Action Man’ sabotage divers in my bath, my life has never been the same since 😉


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