Toilet Water Coffee

The chances of me going to Hong Kong in the next three years are high. The chances of me drinking a cup of coffee in Hong Kong are also quite high. The chances of me drinking a cup of coffee at the Hong Kong Starbucks, with their toilet water coffee, have now gone to zero. As the great Hong Kongian, Mr. Sun Tzu said: It is only the enlightened ruler and the wise general who will use the highest intelligence of the army for the purposes of spying, and thereby they achieve great results. (Great results = not getting strange and mortifying diseases of the lower gastro-intestinal tract in foreign lands.)

5 thoughts on “Toilet Water Coffee”

  1. I once lost thirty pounds when I was in Hong Kong, or I may have spent it at the bar in the China Fleet Club 😉

    Kowloon, what a place, the only liquids you drink are from bottled water, bottled spirits, or a beer glass.


  2. Starbucks isn’t that great, Navy One…you should make your own….with bottled water…although I hear, the water in Mexico, across the border is very bad, even at the best of times….k

  3. A few years ago there was a young girl who did her science project testing water – some out of the ice machine in a fast-food place – some out the toilet in the same fast-food place. The toilet water was cleaner and safer to drink. Just sayin’.

  4. EB: RGR, I’ll be sure to visit.
    Kris: I like RO water. Good stuff.
    Lou: Yikes. I will ignore that.
    ND: Love it!

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