Lake Erie, Star-Warrior

If you are a red-blooded westerner and you like your military swaggeringly tech-savvy, read this blurb and gawk at the picture of the mighty USS Lake Erie below:

USS Lake Erie firing an anti-ballistic missile. It’s designed to hit things moving at damn near orbital speed. It’s a kinetic kill vehicle. That means that the last 23 times these have been fired, there’s been a tremendous release of energy as warheads hit each other at thousands of miles per hour. None missed.

Lake Erie BMD
Lake Erie, BMD warship

Get some! (The link goes to reader Curtis’ blog. Please do and go visit.)

4 thoughts on “Lake Erie, Star-Warrior”

  1. I knew an XO that went off like that every morning; what a ‘bollocking’ he could give, very eloquent and interspersed with the most gutterish swear words, used at full effect.

    One morning part way through a well deserved ‘bollocking’ to the off coming dog watch, he paused for a second as I walked passed; I said “Morning Sir”, he replied with utter charm and poise “Good Morning Colour’s, beautiful isn’t it” & within a spilt second continued right from where he left off…

    Great days.

    Yours Aye.

  2. Kris: I agree, neat stuff!
    EB: It sounds like he had control of it. I’ve met “folks” who had no control over their emotions.
    Curtis: Haha! (I did not know that that was your personal blog. I’ve been there before because you linked to your name, but other folks do that to blogs they like.)

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