How to Get Smokin’ Hot Bike Deals

In my bike travels, I’ve added two more bikes to the list of the ridden. I went to the Bike Warehouse, my LBS (what bike snobs call local bike shop.) And I rode two Giants. Both were disappointing. One was a mountain bike in the $800 range and the other was a road bike with Shimano 105 at $1200. Neither felt as sturdy as the Marin I had ridden at REI that was several hundred dollars less. The local bike store kid did tell me that Giant is the largest maker of bike frames in the world. It apparently constructs them for Specialized and Trek and some of the other big names.

I have couple of links for you if you are interested in bikes and cycle gear. Chain Love is a great site for good, odd deals. And Giantnerd displays utter beauties like this Tommaso Augusta track bike:


I am in love. . . $349.95 and it could be yours. They don’t have my size.

4 thoughts on “How to Get Smokin’ Hot Bike Deals”

  1. Navyone, you wouldn’t get far on that bike, and if you did you certainly wouldn’t be able to stop especially on a down hill run; unless you had asbestos soles on your shimano cycling shoes 😉

    Check out the stylish ‘negative’ pedals, brakes, and gear system… Are they classed as an ‘extra’?

    Cracking bike though, very stylish.

    Yours Aye.

  2. Years ago, my husband had been doing some work down in Corpus Christie. Jesse and I joined him one weekend. After checking in to the hotel, Jes and I went for a walk on the beach. We were quite surprised to see my husband riding toward us on a bicycle. It was the first bike he bought. Who’d a thunk he would have loved bicycling so much! Jesse took some photos on the beach. Notice that the first bike was a Marin.

    1. Lou, I once had a Marin for two whole weeks, until some one decided they needed it more than i did!

      They even used an oxy-acetylene torch to burn off the motor bike lock that secured it to a steel bollard. All I was left with was the dud lock, molten slag, and a walk back to the shop to buy another bike :-(


  3. EB: Haha! I would prolly ditch the wheels and buy new ones, as well as add pedals. Sometimes these bikes have a flip wheel, fixie on one side, flywheel on the other.
    Lou: I tell you, Marins are good bikes.

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