New Yorkers Invade Texas

I may have been born in New York City, but I got a soft spot for Texas. And when the New York Times ran an article on Texas HIll Country, I get nervous.

Pedernales Falls State Park
Pedernales Falls State Park, Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que and an Indian blanket wildflower

At first glance, reading of Pedernales Falls State Park, Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que, Lincoln Street Wine Market, Old German Bakery and Restaurant, Redbud Cafe, Real Ale Brewing Company, Blanco Bowling Club Cafe, Becker Vineyards, Grape Creek Vineyards, Rose Hill Manor, Welfare Cafe, Luckenbach, High’s Cafe, Hotel Faust, and Settlers Crossing Bed and Breakfast, I get the feeling the write-up is fair, but you never know with the ol’ En-Why-Tee.

4 thoughts on “New Yorkers Invade Texas”

  1. I’ve been wanting a trip to the Hill Country – there is just nothing like it in the spring. We used to live on the San Marcos back in our college days – there is nothing like floating the river with friends and beer or maybe eating at the Salt Lick in Austin, scootin’ a boot at the Broken Spoke, and having breakfast at Magnolia’s. Lots of fun things to do! I may just have to up and go. Jesse is going to the Kerrville Folk festival over Memorial Weekend, but I may be too old for that – been there and done it.

  2. The article is pretty accurate, although a little pretentious (“a delicious tension between rural and refined” – most old-timers wouldn’t call the tension ‘delicious’). And claiming that a wine bar is the best place spot for night life is just plain wrong). But I can live with most of the other statements.

    Lou, things have changed since our college days. 5 Mile Dam, for example, is now an overcrowded city park, open containers are banned on some of the rivers, and San Marcos is home to a huge collection of outlet stores.

    But there’s still no place I’d rather live than the Hill Country.

  3. The closest I’ve been to Hill Country is San Anton. A great city, where I used to brief. But I never had a chance to explore other than the time me and one of the Petty Officers got really (really) lost in the ring.

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