The Happiest of Mother’s Days!

For your Mother’s Day reading, we have the amazing story of two moms: Stephanie Decker who nearly sacrificed her life for her children’s and Air Force SSgt Heather Seeger who is juggling a basketball team while her husband TSgt Doug Seeger is deployed. And if you are a mother, Happy Your Day… And to your mother, Happy Her Day… We appreciate the great role you play in our lives!

5 thoughts on “The Happiest of Mother’s Days!”

  1. The story only broke an hour ago of the shootings at the New Orleans Mothers Day parade, which mentioned 17 people had been injured, with no fatalities. I trust this remains the case and that those responsible are found and dealt with accordingly.

    Words now fail me…


  2. I just heard something about a shooting and didn’t look to see where it occurred…,a ‘new normal’? I can’t stand the people who say such things…this comes from people who claim to care so much on the left…it gets old real fast when you become aware it’s all a bunch of BS and touchy freely nonsense they never meant in the first place….I get so tired of these phonies….k

    1. Hey, Navy One, our own estimable media and the folks running the government may not not be telling us this exactly, but they are implying it……expect more terrorist bombings, like Boston, for instance being the norm….just like 7.2% unemployment (don’t include the U6 numbers which would make unemployment 15% for real) is considered great because it’s the Obama administration and 4.7% under the former Bush administration sucks…this is reality turned upside down and ridiculous I might add….see, the real problem is this administration and our media want to downplay American institutions we have always depended upon, loved respected and admired…like parenthood…they’re trying their best to destroy the American family, the founding religious principles (Judeo-Christian) of the country and have everyone place their reliance and faith on government and we all know how that works out….don’t we???…k

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