Air Force Two

The GSA Auctions page is featuring a plane for your purchase. It was officially Air Force Two that may have acted as Air Force One in a pinch. (It was a back-up.) Now is your chance to purchase a piece of possible presidential history. . .

5 thoughts on “Air Force Two”

  1. I think they should offer it to George Soros….I heard a day or so ago he’ll be one of the first known trillionaires ….who could better afford it…and who is more representative of an SOB that was a party to destroying the economic juggernaut that was once America…he should at least have a symbol of our once greatness…k

  2. NavyOne, I’d be in for $50k but not much more due to the high cost of removing the dom perignon and caviar stains from too happy partiers. I’m in AZ, so I plan on inspecting the damage before bidding.

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