HMAS Canberra, the Nuship

If you watch one video today, make it this clip on the HMAS Canberra, Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD.) It is fascinating. (The Nuship Canberra is not finished yet, so don’t freak out over the butcher paper on the computer monitors.)

10 thoughts on “HMAS Canberra, the Nuship”

  1. That was really cool, but I have a question, the CO of the ship was 12 years in the Canadian Navy, now in the Austrailian Navy. Now has command of the largest ship in the fleet?? Why, how, Hu????? Is it a Commonwealth thing?

  2. I’m a very bad person; I didn’t listen to the entire video…I rather surmised the first officer on the video was Canadian…and the second more than likely Australian….that was as far as I got….k

  3. CP: Yeah, where else are you supposed to get your espresso?
    mark: The joys of the Commonwealth.
    Kris: I would not say you are a very bad person, just a bad person.

    1. So then they could be part of the RN as well? This Commonwealth thing is a little confusing. Is he a British, Australian or Canadian Citizen?

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