Flying Car Crashes, Yikes!

If I may offer you a little tip in your dealings with aviators, be careful with listening to their reasoning when something goes wrong. I particularly like what Ray Siebring had to say after a wee mishap: It seemed there was an anomaly on our approach to landing. I probably should give you the title of the article where this gem was found: Flying car crashes near school in Vernon, B.C. That was some anomaly, Ray. . .

3 thoughts on “Flying Car Crashes, Yikes!”

  1. Next you’ll be reporting a mishap in a futuristic transporter device….that might be a tad more serious….body parts flying everywhere…and a further ‘yikes’…..k

  2. I seriously hope that this is just a phase that will once again ‘fail to take off’ just as it did so in the past. There are enough ‘nutters’ on the road without the need for them to become airborne.

    Yours Aye.

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