The Army Goes Turkey Hunting

3 thoughts on “The Army Goes Turkey Hunting

  1. Confucius say; confusion arises when partaking in a ‘run-down-abseil ‘ whilst firing blanks through a weapon! First of all you are not in control of your self or your weapon, and secondly your brake man catches hot brass as he looks up while supporting you…

    A brake man, break dancing, while holding a brake line; is a recipe for the ‘run-down-abseiler’ eating dirt…

    My mind is boggling?


  2. That looks like something the military might have had to do during the Normandy invasion of France….D-Day….a great many lives were lost there..k

  3. EB: Confucius may be a genius! And I learned a new term, down-abseiler.
    Kris: Except they were going up!

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