What price do you put on a life, does £710- or $1,103- seem appropriate?

There are days when I burst with pride at being English, as well as being British.

Cancel both today for at least 24 hours…

Quick background introduction…

The previous Labour Socialist Government (courtesy of Tony Blair & Gordon Brown) tore the heart out of the United Kingdom, as well as its economy, and left us in serious debt. The fight to regain solvency and dignity began when David Cameron’s Conservative party ousted the Champagne socialists. They got my vote…


They [Blair/Brown] also lied to us, the people! ‘Blatantly lied’ over how many immigrants, legal and illegal, had been allowed into the country under their watch. Not the 120 thousand or so that they were forced to admit to; but several hundred thousand, which was discovered through hard nosed investigative journalism. Good old Tony B’liar & Gordon ‘the clown’ Brown even suspended and relaxed immigration controls to allow them through. In doing so they also allowed, war criminals, terrorists, rapists, murderers, thieves, organised crime syndicates, and slave traffickers, a means of access to conduct their business from the United Kingdom. Each taking benefits and free housing along the way!

gordon clownAnd why, you may be asking you’re self? Why did they allow the dregs of Europe to enter and rape and pillage our country and benefits system? Easy answer, it allowed them to plant and sow hundreds of thousands of potential Labour voters into the UK electoral system, which they would reap the benefit from through the following family’s generations. Hooray for Socialism!

Having vented my spleen somewhat, and provided you with a quick heads up, I will continue with the value of a life; but allow me to digress a little further…

Both wars in Iraq cost us dearly, through the loss of life as well as financially. From the first war we did not learn any real lessons from a military point of view. Through constant surveillance on the ‘Soviets’ throughout the cold war, we understood the workings of ‘Soviet tactics’ that are influenced upon any regime that purchases their military hardware (as it happens Soviet tactics do not work against the West’s military stratagem, especially when they are used in defence).

This point was proven in the second Iraq war, by allowing the Iraqi’s to sit and fester within ‘dug in’ defensive positions for a few months. Their Main Battle Tanks were not maintained, the *batteries of the MBT’s as well as light Armoured Fighting Vehicles were drained due to their secondary use of running lighting, fridges, TV’s, and radios. Adding to the problem was the difficulty of operating in desert conditions in front line positions over a long period, *dysentery becomes endemic, especially with an army known for its lack of hygiene standards at base level.

When the war started and the attack began, Iraqi *MBT’s and AFV’s were unable to electrically traverse their turrets toward the line of battle as it advanced towards them; they had to be slowly ‘organ-grinded’ by hand. No batteries no power, which also meant the vehicles could not withdraw; hence the graphic turkey shoots witnessed by all on TV. *Dysentery also destroyed effective manpower as well as morale.

Back to the value of a life (we are almost there)…

Once the battle for Iraq had been won, the real war started. We all know how the downtrodden people of Iraq turned their freedom into martyrdom, Muslim good- against-Christian evil, etc, etc… To turn the tide and to win over the people it required a few good Iraqi men to assist the coalition forces. The same genuine men who believed in true freedom, and the further belief that the liberation of their country would only truly happen when the internal conflict ceased. Step forwards the Iraqi (soon to be professional) Interpreter.

The coalition forces were fortunate in that most Iraqi’s speak decent English as a secondary language. The first POW’s taken from the first firefight surrender (as the first round went down), handed over information that an Intel officer could only dream of. For a packet of cigarettes handed through the barbed wire holding pen, the Iraqi would sell his soul to the devil; they also wanted shot of Saddam Hussein so it was a win, win, situation for all concerned.

As the hostilities continued after the fall of Iraq, there was only one way to gain true Intel, and that was through the services of Interpreters in the pay of the coalition forces. Initially the source was poor, until the wheat was separated from the chaff. Eventually, at the level required, trust and equal respect from both sides emerged, as the interpreters stood side by side through numerous firefights whilst monitoring electrical traffic and transferring the ‘devils tongue’ to a Christian passage. They also brought local knowledge and information from hard line areas that would normally take weeks, if not months, of groundwork and hard patrolling. The death toll and serious injuries amongst Interpreters remains shrouded for obvious reasons; many remain anonymous by name, and still live within Iraq, ready for a call if and when required in the future.

When it was discovered that the same people were receiving death threats, as well as being murdered for assisting the British Armed Forces; David Cameron offered a place of sanctuary here in the UK, and accepted those who chose to leave, they were granted ‘political migrant’ status.

Afghanistan, modern day; we are now at the point required…

The same Prime Minister, David Cameron, now denies the same ‘political Status’ to those Interpreters who have worked with every branch of the British Armed Forces on active duty, as well as those whose skills were sought within the British Foreign office in Kabul. There are those amongst them who have stood shoulder to shoulder with British troops engaged in long firefights; as well as actions unreported due to the restrictions of Special Forces clandestine ops. The same conduct would merit medals of courage and bravery had they been British. Twenty-six have been killed, some whilst attending to the wounded in battle; many have been seriously maimed. More than enough have been murdered for plying their trade.

The Foreign office is now dismissing the same people with a months wage in their pocket (£710-), giving them two hours to pack and then leave their place of work to ‘return from whence they came’, to the strong possibility of a death sentence. Some have served with distinction for over six years; they now live in total fear as their parental homes are literally daubed with the mark of death by extremist groups.

Without being dramatic over the issue, these same people have saved countless lives, as well as expensive military equipment through their interpretational skills and services. In comparison it would cost nothing to allow those who deserve the right to ‘political migrant’ status, to enjoy a quality of life within the United Kingdom. Their services could be better employed over here in the fight against terrorism, which has now spread throughout Europe.

Afghan interpreters launch UK legal bid

 Britain Afghan Interpreters 1

Former British soldiers Patrick Hennessey, left, and Jake Wood, right, and Interpreter “Mohammad”, centre, hold a wreath outside the Foreign Office in London, Friday, May 3, 2013. Campaigners and two former British soldiers gathered to deliver a box with over 70,000 signatures calling on the UK government to grant Afghan interpreters asylum, a wreath was laid in memory of the 26 Afghan interpreters who have already been killed while serving with British forces. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

£710- or $1,103- is the price of a life in Afghanistan according to the Foreign Office.

For those who have served with honour and distinction it is priceless…

Yours Aye.

P.S. In 2008, the fighting tenacity of the British actress Joanna Lumley, supported by the general public, shamed the Labour Government into giving the Gurkha Regiment the rights to British citizenship. It is hoped that ‘Mohammad’s crusade will be supported by the decent people who stepped forward in support of ‘Johnnie Gurkha’; each have unflinchingly assisted our Armed Forces in their time of need.

25 thoughts on “What price do you put on a life, does £710- or $1,103- seem appropriate?”

  1. Appalling, but sadly not surprising. Governments have no concept of honor. We have plenty of examples on this side of the pond that are similar to this story.

    Shame on all concerned.

    1. CTT
      Fortunately there are some senior high profile Officers as well as respected Politicians, who have the moral fibre within their back bone, who will stand up for what is right.

      Thousands of people from within society will also do the same.


  2. So sadly true; and we have our recent little expose’ of the Boston Marathon and those ‘results’…Benghazi as well of the ineptitude and incompetence of government…liberal government specifically….why should we be surprised? And why shouldn’t we know it always results in bad things happening when government believes it knows better than common sense dictates….k

    1. Kristen

      I agree, fortunately we voted out our shower of Socialist politicians, now we expect better things of those in charge, which to a large degree has happened thus far.

      As my school report used to say; “has worked extremely hard, but there is room for improvement” (Catholic school, what do you expect)?


      1. As an afterthought, Ex Bootneck: I wish we could say the same here…as in all things, it takes America a bit longer to wake up from the nightmare that leftism produces…and we’re still living through ours as if we couldn’t see it on your side of the Pond and learn from it before it infests and contaminates the US…but, NO…we have to do it ourselves just to learn the lesson….it will take a few more years I suspect of this self-flaggelation to end our so-called ‘love affair’ with the One and Only, Messiah Barack Hussein Obama…this Benghazi thing is starting up and I think it’s going to bite the Obama/Biden/Clinton Triumvirate hard in the backside…we can only hope it does…they’re not going to get away with it….k

  3. Going over American history with my tutoree, I see lots of stupid things our government did, and I think, “How could our leaders have been so blind or thought such and such?” I often wonder how present day happenings will be told in future history classes.

    1. Lou,
      Winston Churchill famously said…

      “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”!

      Not any more… thankfully we now have the power of the Internet, which holds people in authority accountable for their actions. Over here in the UK there have been several high profile cases of late, involving politicians whose demise came about through the intervention of ‘bloggers’ using their skill of reporting the facts as they happen.

      A few of the ‘entitled’ continued to lie in the hope of killing the story, which simply provides more meat for the ‘blogging’ pack.

      As with any double-edged sword, if it is held by the handle and used correctly no one is harmed. Draw blood unnecessarily and eventually the user will be found out, whether they tell the truth over their action, or lie; it is down to the individual’s moral compass.

      Each day I watch for certain individuals within the corridors of power who have drawn blood; Hilary Clinton in particular…


      1. Have to agree Ex Bootneck…I myself have been waiting for that ‘schadenfreude’ moment when it comes to the Hillary Frankenmonster; she’s in a class all by herself when it comes to blatant lying and evil….k

  4. Ex-B,
    As it has gone here in the US of A. Many of these young men, with great peril to themselves and their families, have lent their skills to the US forces. They were promised things, as a reward for their services.
    They have been betrayed. I am embarrassed by my government, but not surprised. This “Most Transparent Administration Ever” has been a giant lie.
    Those that have helped our forces have been hung out to dry. Much like the doctor that fingered OBL, and is now in prison in Pakistan.
    Trust this administration at your peril…

  5. Hello Ex-Bootneck,
    Was planning on mentioning the disgraceful treatment of the Gurkhas myself until I got to the end of your article. I’m glad to hear that ‘Patsy’ was able to shame her government into a semblance of honor.

    1. Rob M

      The vast majority of serving UK military personnel opt in to donate one days wage per-year to the Gurkha trust fund, normally taken from a month containing 31 days.

      Through my time in service I served alongside ‘Johnnie Gurkha’ numerous times; good loyal men and faultless.
      One of my favoured possessions is a WWII Kukri used as issued, which hangs on my ‘marines’ wall.


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