Olivia Wilde Loses It

Did Jay Mohr and Olivia Wilde just use the Boston Bombing to make a call for increased gun-control? I would think it would be the opposite, no? Having a gun in the house as protection from two on-the-run thugs? Ach, what do I know. . .

12 thoughts on “Olivia Wilde Loses It”

  1. I concur. Crazy how they want to twist it that way. Maybe we should have pressure cooker control. Or something. Thanks for linking me up on your blog roll. It is much appreciated!

    1. I was utterly stunned with these two saying this. (I nominated one of your posts for Watcher of Weasels, which should you get you a ton of links and some recognition. Wait ’til WEDS night. . .)

      1. NavyOne, I have said it several times, and I will continue saying it.

        The man is an oxygen thief and a true Champagne Socialist…

        We here in the UK continue to wish him well in his chosen career path in the US, long may it continue.


  2. I’ve always been stunned at the manner in which celebrities conduct their own lives; it appears to be a spillover from the fantasies they create on the screen….reality comes as a complete surprise to them; and they don’t even see their own hypocrisy….and ingrown stupidity immediately comes to mind….no surprises here….k

    1. Let it out Kristen, get it off your chest, about time you stopped beating about the bush and let rip on those celeb air heads :-)


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