A Boring Honda Clubman

I love reading advertisments. For bikes, cars, rentals, you name it and I’ve probably read it on the Tokyo Craigslist. Like for this Honda Clubman GB250-4:

This is actually a good bike even though it looks boring…

Should you be looking for something really boring (I know it sounds weird to put it like that) then this bike might be perfect for….

It is less boring than the train for sure.

As for history I can tell you it used to belong to an old jet engine mechanic who was working as a civilian contractor in Yokota. For those of you who doesn’t know that place it is like the outback of Tokyo.

He rode it once a week to go to church with his retarded child on the back. Now he is about to leave and his bike has to be sold…

Everything (apart from the boringness) is good on the bike, few little dents and stuff, also the tires are a few little cracks. So if you wish to race it at the track you might wanna change the shoes.

Honda Clubman GB250-4 - JPY150000 (Nishiurawa)
Honda Clubman GB250-4 – JPY150000 (Nishiurawa)

I don’t think it is boring!

6 thoughts on “A Boring Honda Clubman”

  1. Well in Japan, where I hear space is at a premium, this may be the best transport for you!

  2. Recently (twice actually) I was told not to use the word “retarded” – that it was politically incorrect. Of course, I thought they told me not to say “potato.” So, when I asked why it was politically incorrect to say potato, the person burst out laughing. The hearing ain’t what it used to be. I don’t think I need a snoring Honda.

  3. ND: I kind of like the looks of that Honda Dream.
    Kris: St Mary’s? I thought that was a college in the East Bay?
    mark: It is!
    EB: I accept. . .
    Lou: Haha!

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