Diamondback Police Supply Canx’d Mark Kelly’s Gun

Doug MacKinlay, owner of Diamondback Police Supply, has cancelled the gun Mark Kelly ordered last week from them. He issued a refund and donated the rifle to the Arizona Tactical Officers Association. I personally don’t blame him, I don’t like being used either.

7 thoughts on “Diamondback Police Supply Canx’d Mark Kelly’s Gun”

    1. A ship is being named after Gabby Giffords? Although her circumstances have been most unfortunate, she hardly deserved this particular honor…sorry, she’s really not good material for this…. k

      1. Rooster: I would say “Me too,” but I am active-duty. So I will stay quiet.
        Kris: Yup. See my comment above for further commentary.

  1. Sgt M is right. He lied on the ATF form 4473 question 11.a where they state you must be buying the gun for yourself and not for a third party. That’s a felony punishable up to 10 years in jail and/or a $250,000 fine. I’m quite sure that Holder won’t pursue this at all. While this is a crime that will never be prosecuted because of his stature in politics and society being a retired Navy Captain astronaut and married to a former congresswoman shot by a nut case I think that his dog’s (or his daughter’s dog) killing of a baby seal is just as egregious and will never be prosecuted. Most people are supposed to be responsible for their animals in public areas, unless you are part of the favored political elite. If this was Wayne LaPierre’s dog killing a seal, he would be on every main stream media outlet doing the perp walk after Holder arrested him under federal marine mammal protection act violations.

    1. Interesting, I am not aware of this ATF form, thanks for sharing it. And you are right about the Seal. He was just lucky it was not the uniformed one. . .

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