4 Stabbed at Target

4 stabbed at Target
4 stabbed at Target?

I used to shop at Target when the Navy base was located right around the corner from one. (But it has been years since I stepped into the ol’ Tar-shay.)

The top part of this article, about stabbing at Target, is not post-worthy. Nonsense like this happens everyday. But do read the last sentence:

Authorities say four people have been stabbed inside a Target store in Pittsburgh, including a 16-year-old girl who is in critical condition.

Officers were called to the store in the East Liberty section of the city shortly after 5:30 p.m. Monday. Police say a suspect was arrested at the scene.

A hospital official says the teenage girl was taken to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in critical condition.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that other injuries were described as moderate to minor, and a police officer was treated for exposure to pepper spray.

So who sprayed the cop?

Update: Leon Raymond Walls has been charged in stabbing Allison Meadows and three others.

4 thoughts on “4 Stabbed at Target”

  1. It happens. The last time I was accidentally sprayed I was wrestling with a guy armed with two large kitchen knives. My back up was….a Lieutenant. I got control of the guy and bent him forward. Just in time to see the LT grab his can of pepper spray, shake it a few times (gotta get the good stuff to the top don’t you know) and stick it down under our faces which were kinda co-mingled at the time. He turned his head even as I began to shout. I got as far as the N in Nooooooooo! when my mouth and eyes were filled with that red hot goodness that is Oleum Capsicum in an alcohol base.

    Moral of the story? Lieutenants should never be armed with anything more dangerous than a harsh vocabulary.

    No offense Lieutenant NavyOne :)

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