Lying About Your Marine

The shooting at Marine Corps Base Quantico, where Sgt. Eusebio Lopez, gunned down Lance Cpl. Sara Castromata and Cpl. Jacob Wooley, was a tragedy. But when Lopez’s great-grandfather says: They told us they were investigating more, and they’d let us know. He wasn’t the type to do stuff like that, I roll my eyes. Surely someone in the family knew him better than this. . .

4 thoughts on “Lying About Your Marine”

  1. Why?

    We give the best training, and place absolute trust to those placed in a position that is meant to educate and protect others from harm.

    In my own humble opinion; people placed into such a position are done so on merit and proven ability, friends and families often see the outer ‘civilian’ shell of a person and rarely see the ‘military’ core until it is too late.

    There will always be that 1% whose minute fracture turns into a huge break, some times it may happen without harm to others; sadly in this case we will have to wait and see what is discovered after a thorough investigation.

    Yours Aye.

  2. A very difficult time for the Marine Corps these past two weeks…we hope to hear what really happened but it may be some time before the truth comes out….it is most difficult to ascertain the facts especially when we have an administration (and I certainly wish it were otherwise) that does little to support our troops and hasn’t since they’ve been in charge….it’s mostly discouraging…but our American military has more than a two hundred year history of honor, duty and courage….and this administration will never be capable of maligning, denigrating or impugning this traditional institution in its short time in power….our military has too much going for it…and I have a belief and faith in it….k

  3. EB: I am a better person for the military. A far better person. I worry about letting down those who have worn the uniform before me.
    Kris: It has been a terrible two weeks for the Corps.

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