Say It Loud, I’m Back and I’m Proud

They have been trying to send me to the hells since 9/11, which means it’s 12 years now,said Musharraf before boarding his flight in Dubai.

Yikes, I hate when folks try to send me to the hells (plural.) Is returning to Pakistan like going to heaven?

7 thoughts on “Say It Loud, I’m Back and I’m Proud

  1. I believe the ‘vestal virgin’ delivery service in Karachi have just received a rush order!

    Live by the book, die by the book…

    Yours Aye.

  2. CP: I would say- Merry Christmas, but I don’t think he would get it.
    EB: The new term is- live by the podcast, die by the podcast!

  3. I just don’t understand why anyone would choose to go back to this life….Pervez has a problem, like all politicians he wants to be in power and in control; but there are inherent dangers particularly in Pakistan as well he knows….k

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