We Miss You, Lex

RIP Carroll LeFon, Neptunus LexOne year ago this month, we lost Lex, Captain LeFon. Since then, I’ve run into former Sailors of his who have had only great things to say about the way he handled his responsibilities as a naval officer.

The man was a class act and treated a young blogger, me, with encouragement and my first big link. Truly, I miss him and his blog. The Navy being what it is, I imagine I’ll run into his son someday. God bless the LeFon family. The Captain was a great American.

5 thoughts on “We Miss You, Lex”

  1. I miss Lex’s post immensely, he was a true philosopher with a unique real world experience and could truly put things in perspective. His first post is golden…

    “When I first thought about serving my country, I considered the Air Force, but decided I’d rather be in the military instead. My father told me once that in the Army, you’d live like rats and die like gentlemen. In the Navy, you’d live like gentlemen, and die like rats. I rather counted on living, and that has made all the difference.

    Quote Yeats to me and you’ve won my heart…”

  2. I also perused his blog from time to time and thought he laid down some great articulate pieces.


  3. Old AF Sarge: It is a sad, brave tale.
    CP: Ah, God bless him.
    Don: Wow, outstanding. He was a poet.
    EB: Concur. Just a great guy.

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