Taiwanese Lobster Helmets

In battle, in a war, a soldier sees only a tiny fragment of what is available to be seen. The soldier is not a photographic machine. He is not a camera. He registers, so to speak, only those few items that he is predisposed to register and not a single thing more. Do you understand this? So I am saying to you that after a battle each soldier will have different stories to tell, vastly different stories, and that when a was is ended it is as if there have been a million wars, or as many wars as there were soldiers.”
–Tim O’Brien, Going After Cacciato

A group of Taiwanese women paratroopers after a drill held at Taiwan's northern Hsinchu airbase.
A group of Taiwanese women paratroopers after a drill held at Taiwan’s northern Hsinchu airbase.

4 thoughts on “Taiwanese Lobster Helmets”

  1. Now that helmet really adds to the stealth of the camo they are wearing. The enemy would never see them as soldiers. The enemy would see them as deer hunters.

  2. Oh my word… pixelated cam cream? Come on people, Shape, Surface, Shine, Shadow, Silhouette, Sound, & Movement; the simple principles of cam & concealment.

    We won’t even go into the ‘lucifer’ apparel, which looks like some one has opened a box of these…

    Strike a bloomin light mate… far too Hollywood, even for copy cat East Asia…

    Yours Aye.

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