Keep Calm and Visit Cyprus

Keep Calm and Visit CyprusAs for the question of Cyprus and Russia and Capitalism and whatever we are calling the current economic system in Russia, Ex Bootneck shares some rather interesting facts:

The Capitalists will sell us the rope on which we hang them; so said Vladimir Lenin.

His current successor Vladimir Putin has now started to knot the rope ready to throw over the nearest Carob tree in the Cypriot capital of Nicosia, which has always been the Russian intention for its long-term game plan for the Greek Cypriot side of the Island.

The world took its eye of communist Russia when the USSR fell as it opened its arms to capitalism and free trade. Except, it wasn’t really the capitalism that we in the free West understood. Perhaps a better word to describe their adaptation would be ‘capitommunism’ with a sprinkling of fraud?

(As practiced by the Peoples Republic of China perhaps)?

Imagine the following if you will…

Prior to the ‘collapse’, Mother Russia (USSR) skilfully maintained a Cold War bluff as the country slowly and gradually headed towards starvation and its own implosion, literally. Its crumbling infrastructure as well as the decline of its war machine, along with the moral of its troops, was a disaster waiting to happen.

(Had any such war been declared, the West would have had to feed millions of civilians & POW’s, as well as prop up the country with ‘$£€’ billions perhaps ‘£$ €’ trillions in aid).

To recover from its near death rattle, it was vital that the newly formed ‘capitommunist’ Russian Federation built up its coffers slowly, which also allowed it to plan its long-term strategy. It also allowed those in power to conduct smash & grab operations for their own personal benefit.

(Whilst doing so they planned and initiated full-blown conflicts around their own borders, for the rest of the world to see creating a confused fog. Thus forcing the West to focus and bankrupt them selves fighting escalating follow on wars in obscure, non-Christian countries)?

History has shown that the West tends to peek over the hill to study the view in the valley below. Its strategic plan is initiated with the view that the more money you throw at the problem early on, the easier it will be to resolve. All planned for the short term; in and out fast, without bogging down its armed forces. The reality of this is… it is never so!

Mother Russia knows what the view is like as they prepared it, they channelled the problem to the West by planting misinformed intelligence within the valley; they use the valley conflict as a block, stop, and hold tactic, which allows them to develop and advance their long-term strategy elsewhere. Very cost effective on their behalf.

Mean while, the people on the streets within the Western world, place absolute blind faith in their leaders and politician’s, as well as their intelligence agencies. In turn their leaders & Intelligence agencies know that when they screw up and drop the ball (as they so often do) they can fall back on the professionalism and dedication of their military, who will sacrifice their all in their determination to pick up the ball and carry on with the game. The people cheer, and the leaders stand proud, saying, “I did that for you”!

I digress!

The harsh cold breeze that we have all been feeling these past few years over here in Europe; has not been felt at all by our close American allies, as the distance is too great to reach the mighty US shoreline. Had it reached it would have been ignored anyway, as ‘Barry’ has turned his back on Europe to focus elsewhere, which will prove to be a big mistake in the long run.

The cold breeze in question has a sinister undertone. It is actually the advance weather front of a new bitter Cold War, the threat of which could be countered, if dealt with quickly it would also prove to be cost effective.

(Approx €25 Billion from the West, split proportionality will keep Vlad Putin & Mother Russia out of Cyprus).

Cyprus provides the perfect platform for gathering military Intelligence around the Middle East, as well as offers long term-established airfields and sea bases for the use of Western military powers. It is a true intelligence godsend that benefits the Western world immensely.

In my own humble opinion;

The Greek Cypriot side of Cyprus is the Islands sewer inlet-outlet; the tide ebbs and flows just like the three-hour flight pattern of ‘business’ aircraft to and from Russia.
Its effluent is a ‘spooks’ paradise, as the island is a Mecca for multi-cultural visitors of influence who visit often to sample forbidden fruits not tolerated by their own society. Down right dirty rotten plans are hatched by the same groups with the intention of damaging Western infrastructure.

You can buy anything in Cyprus, the saying goes, from a villa on the beach to the entire country.
You can buy anything in Cyprus, the saying goes, from a villa on the beach to the entire country.

(And of interest for NavyOne. The Greek Cypriots have a lot in common with their Russian friends, such as a shared orthodox religious faith and the Cyrillic alphabet).

The Russian oligarchs have been made welcome with open arms by the Cypriot Government and the countries banks, with no questions asked about ‘dirty’ money being deposited into their accounts (as well as no visa required and automatic EU residency for any one buying a property over € 300 K).

It is estimated that over half of the € 60 Billion in the Cypriot banking system belongs to Russian ‘business’ people (that’s without taking into account what the Russian Mafia has in place). Putrid Putin would like to see his countries ‘black’ money returned to Mother Russia’s pot, as its illegal siphoning has weakened his base economy and slowed down his military building program.

Because of this the Russian authorities are reverting back to the old-ways of the old-days… They have resorted to blackmail, beatings, shootings, and the down right framing of ‘innocent’ businessmen whose property and funds are claimed back by the state.

As mentioned in NavyOne’s opener:
Today in London one of the UK’s most famous oligarchs, Boris Berezovsky, was found dead having committed ‘suicide’. In the past Boris stood up against Putin and declared him a crook, and recently provided irrefutable evidence in the London Law Courts confirming this. He also pushed a political movement for decent Russian citizens to stand up against Putin, and his Government. Boris had previously escaped numerous assassination attempts here in the UK, his death will send a powerful shock wave right across the Mediterranean, even if it ‘was’ an accidental shaving cut from ear to ear!

High profile Russian oligarchs living in Europe who refuse to return home to ‘discuss’ their financial affairs, are being murdered by ‘unknown’ hit men. This activity does not go unnoticed by those dwelling in Cyprus, after all, if Putin can conduct such hits in London, then the Russian mega rich in living in lazy Cyprus can expect the same, but on a far grander scale.

There have been a number of high-profile Russians who have suddenly died on UK soil.
*A Russian businessman linked as a witness to a high-profile corruption scandal was found dead near his home in Weybridge in November last year. A very fit Alexander Perepilichnyy, 44, collapsed on a road whilst out running, toxicology reports into his death proved inconclusive! Perepilichnyy had allegedly been giving evidence to Swiss investigators about Russian fraud involving Swiss-based bank accounts.

*Reports connected Perepilichnyy to Sergei Magnitsky, a lawyer for London-based Hermitage Capital Management, who died on remand in a Moscow prison after allegedly uncovering a web of corruption involving Russian tax officials.

*A Russian businessman was gunned down in broad daylight in April 2012 outside London’s Canary Wharf when an unknown hit-man sprayed him with bullets. One theory is that the businessman was shot because he knew too much about a 2009 gun attack on a Russian banker in Moscow.

*Before these two deaths came the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB officer, in 2006. Litvinenko had fled to Britain with evidence that gangs linked to Russia’s leadership were plotting the murder of Boris Berezovsky. He fell ill after meeting a KGB officer and his associate at the Millennium Hotel in London’s Grosvenor Square. (a spot of Plutonium in a tea pot is not a designer drink).

What, may you ask, has any of this got to do with Putin & Cyprus?

Putin requires a sea base in the Mediterranean, as he can no longer rely upon the floating port service of its only ally in Crimean waters, Syria.

(From which the sinister Russian ‘Mil Intel’ services, the ‘GRU’, operate their clandestine op’s from).

Putin is also pumping Billions into building up the Russian surface fleet, which he wishes to place into a Crimean port to protect future Gazprom exploration rigs and its investments in and around the Med. And what better place to carry influence if he brings Cyprus out of bankruptcy?

Keep Calm and Visit CyprusHe can even offer the loan to the Government as a ‘grace and free interest favour’ for expelling the British and the US out of the country. The islands capability of a Middle East listening/gathering station is the icing on the cake. Not to mention the huge gas reserves being exploited on the southern Mediterranean Sea range, which Cyprus is unable to fund due to its critical financial state.

(Which occurred due to its heavy investment into the Greek business economy that collapsed. That was ‘allegedly’ influenced by Russian investment advisors ~ whoopsy)!

The following link from the Daily Mail provides an insight and gives a flavour of events.