Pippa Pens a Schnoozer

Except for when I am driving, I like to keep one eye craned in the literary world. Who is writing what, for whom. A lot of it is pretentious nonsense. Novels that take pages to describe the snow falling. But there is also a lot of genuinely good writing. And I like to know what the market is calling for.

Pippa Middleton
Pippa Middleton dropped

Although, since I rarely read fiction, I don’t buy it. Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton’s sister, herself tried her hand at writing in Celebrate. A book not of the literary genre:

Literary guru David Godwin masterminded the deal with Penguin that saw Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister, pocket an estimated £400,000 advance from publisher Michael Joseph.

Under Godwin’s expert guidance, she set out to style herself as the go-to party planning expert. But she failed to impress observers astounded that someone without real writing experience had managed to secure such a substantial offer.

Insiders were more baffled as to why she was being represented by an agent whose stable includes highbrow writers such as biographer Claire Tomalin, novelist Vikram Seth and historian William Dalrymple. In the end, despite Godwin’s expertise, Pippa’s guide was a flop.

The only Pippa I know is this one.

6 thoughts on “Pippa Pens a Schnoozer”

  1. Such is the price of celebrity…

    I don’t blame the woman for trying to forge ahead; there are many offers spinning her way from unscrupulous well established ‘entrepenuaers’ wishing to seek publicity to further their own ends. But using her sisters ‘Royal’ platform to do so just cheapens any product associated with Pippa Middleton and her own family.

    One does not have to look too far outside of the ‘Royal’ inner circle to seek advice on how to get it wrong (and continue to do so). I refer to ‘Fergie’ (aka) Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (1986-1996); who is widely regarded as one of the hanger on parasites, that has caused great embarrassment to the British establishment and Royal family worldwide.

    Pippa Middleton could assist her sister ‘Kate Windsor’ in so many charitable ways, which would benefit thousands. I do hope someone takes her to one side and offers her prime advice, because at heart she does appear to be a decent woman who has been thrown in to the gaze of the main stream media ‘by’ the main stream media, and what they make they generally tear apart later down the road when there are less newsworthy stories to be had.

    The gutter press.

    Yours Aye.

    1. From what very little I’ve caught of her, she seems like a classy lady. And you are right, she could be of great benefit in her sisters activities. . .

    2. You remain so right, Ex Bootneck…the MSM makes and elevates celebrities only to tear them down…..i.e. Tiger Woods….and you mentioned Fergie…only to name a few….she may have well been an embarrassment to the Royal Family but she still has that connection because of her former marriage and her girls….k

  2. The agent/publisher is hoping for the in when the Royal book comes out in the future by Kate. I hope she does some good for the community. Plus she is easy on the eyes. Sorry!

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