Akitas and Shiba Inus and. . .

Capybara and a cat
Capybara and cat

According to this, none other than Ms. Helen Keller herself brought the first Akita to the United States in 1937. Since I believe everything on television, I’ll take this as gospel. (Interestingly enough, Pets 101 also features this odd piggish pooch called the Capybara.)

No discussion of Japanese dogs would be complete without mention of the Shiba Inu, like Kika. Who was made famous by her puppy cam.

Argh, I keep trying to end this post, but I just found the story of Morocho, a Dogo Argentino. Mo saved her owner’s young children from a cougar. . . And not the cougars that are full of botox and silicon.

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  1. The Japanese Akita is known to be quite aloof with strangers, though loyal, friendly and trusting with family members. As a youngster I read a book about a Japanese Akita, which is a true story.


    I believe there is also a ‘sickly hollywood’ movie version of the same.

    As with every canine, the aggressive ones receive bad press due to bad handling and training by their respective owners.

    Hannah my little Staffordshire Terrier puppy is already house trained, and will walk faultlessly on a harness, and will sit and stop upon command. (Ask her to eat a packet of Digestive biscuits and she will do so without hesitation, she just has to beat me to it first) :-)

    I am also fortunate enough to have been given a first edition copy of a cracking true story, ‘Jock of the Bushveld’, which I also read in my youth. For some reason it always makes me sneeze after finishing it, perhaps its the dusty cover that brings the tears forth…


    Yours Aye

    1. That reminds all of us Ex Bootneck, you have yet to provide us a photo of the endearing Hannah or your other faithful Staffie…are we to wait forever?? I do hope not…k

      1. Kristen, I promise one will be on it’s way shortly, which will feature them both in their finest form.


  2. Veronica: RGR that. I guess they can be stand-offish.
    EB: Wow, Hachiko and Jock are the kind of pal every man (and woman) yearns for.
    Kris: Haha, you don’t forget!

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