North Korean Propaganda, Heavy on the Garlic

Propaganda is a fine dish best served with a subtle sprig of parsley. Get too heavy-handed with the kimchi and garlic and you end up turning your message into a joke. Like this heavy-sauced number from North Korea:

North Korean Propaganda  Against the US
North Korean Propaganda Against the US

Hand Salute for the link: Mark (Thanks!)

5 thoughts on “North Korean Propaganda, Heavy on the Garlic”

  1. I think that is hilarious. One scene the announcer said about one man showing us inside his TENT and the roof was caving in and that the walls were falling in from material from NORTH Korea…duh…HAHAHA. Then you see all these cars and buses and hundreds of people walking around and on homeless man they point out as typical American. Hell, the people of PRNK would love to be here living in our poverty rather than theirs. At least we have electricity, running water and TP.

  2. Thank you Kim Jong-un! I am preparing to eat a bird soup and drink some yummy snow in my tent with my dead friends.

  3. Not long before North Korea implodes through the vacuum it has created for its people.

    There will be no hiding place for those at the top, they will be torn limb from limb…

    Yours Aye.

  4. Yeah, but Navy One, these ‘apparatchiks’ in power have been there for fifty to sixty years…it probably consists of the grandchildren of the originals since Kim Jong Un’s installation…it was his own grandfather who created this dynasty of dictators….this family and his supporters have starved their own people to death…just as Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong did to their respective peoples…communism has murdered hundreds of millions through starvation alone…and actively murdered those who would fight for individual liberty and freedom…it’s a never ending fight…to the death…and I would think we here in America still remember what these concepts are and what to do to enable them…..k

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