A German Shepherd, a Mutt, and a Pug

In Boston’s Franklin Park, a German shepherd called Lia and a mutt named Ruby met an off-duty policewoman’s pug. And the cop pulled her gun. . . 

4 thoughts on “A German Shepherd, a Mutt, and a Pug”

  1. Everybody screwed up on this one. The law is for everyone else buy you, so you take your lawfully leashed dog off his leash to run around. A cop pulls her gun in a park over a dog. Democrats all.

  2. Yea, if you have to have your dog leashed, try to do it, if your going to break the rules, fine, but make sure you can keep your dog with you and not run off. They like to be able to be off leash also.

    Cop, get over it, you over reacted. She was the victim on this one? Really? SHe was trying to show authority over the other owners, but really? At least she used safe weapon handling practices.

  3. I bet the Shepard was ‘reaching for his waist band”. The dogs should have been on leashes but skittish cops should not be cops. her hurrying away without identifying herself lets you know she screwed up.

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