Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires

Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires. –John Steinbeck

Ershov, Igor EVAKUATSIYA RANENYKH ("Evacuation of Wounded. Odessa")
Ershov, Igor – EVAKUATSIYA RANENYKH (“Evacuation of Wounded, Odessa”)

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  1. The inherent vice of Capitalism is the unequal share of blessings,
    The inherent vice of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.
    Winston Churchill.

    Socialism is the philosophy of failure,
    The creed of ignorance,
    And the gospel of envy.
    Winston Churchill.

    Having viewed the painting on the evacuation of Odessa, it reminded me of the book ‘I have’ on the siege and evacuation of Odessa (or should I say ‘had a book’). It would appear that I have once again fallen foul of lending a ‘friend’ a book, which has since been AWOL for over two years!

    Said ‘friend’ has just received my call and offered profuse apologies, and offered it’s return this weekend with a quality bottle of Port as a penalty. I have just sent a text message stating,
    “It has been over two years since it was borrowed, the fine is two bottles of Port”.

    “Two it is, though it does look good amongst my collection”! Came the reply.

    I do have some great friends; no doubt he will want to assist in emptying one of the bottles?

    The book is a first edition hard back on the Soviet Amphibious Operations in the Black Sea from 1941-44 which not only mentions the evacuation but also a landing by Soviet Marines in the Odessa area to destroy Romanian /German Artillery positions, that were threatening the Odessa area.
    The landing was initially ordered as a fighting/probing reconnaissance for gathering intelligence. The operation was a great success though the Soviet Marines endured serious losses (they were out maneuvered due to overwhelming odds). Their fighting spirit and tenacity lent itself to Soviet Naval Infantry legend being made.

    Over the past thirty five years I have collected books on the majority of ‘honourable’ Marine outfits around the world, from the ‘grunt, sweat & tears of the USMC, to the down right ‘outrageous’ shiny badge and tin whistles of the Bolivarian Marine Infantry.

    Obviously it is a reflection on my own career; had I been a train driver I suppose it would have been… a completely different library!

    Thankfully I never did fancy becoming a Proctologist…

    Yours Aye.

    1. For that Ex Bootneck, you would need to have a vast medical library….and I’m not sure we would today have the pleasure of your company on our shared journey….I’m sure what you have available is sufficient to your needs….I suspect you are one jolly fellow and companion in adult beverage crime (or whatever you choose to call it)…or at least have been in your past military exploits….carry on and tell us more…kz

      1. Kristen I fear I have only just scratched the surface as I did keep a note book type diary of my escapades.

        Live, Love, Laugh, is what my Gran would say…


        1. And you should keep what your Gran said in mind throughout your own life’s exploits…my own left me when I was fifteen…long ago …I remember being a nasty and ill-mannered teenager and regretting it…things I can never take back…sad actually…and what’s worse is I look like her…k

          1. EB: Any Sir Winston quote is good in my book. The man is your’alls national treasure.
            EB: Aw, your Gran would be proud of you!

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