What About Now, by Daughtry and Westlife

I have not heard the original Daughtry song, What About Now. But this review (of a remix by Westlife) in Digital Spy is hilarious and very revealing: The Loife’s take is no great reinvention, adding a lick of extra pop gloss to the manly balladry of the original. The strings swell like Louis Walsh’s bank balance, the chorus is as big and stirring as Goliath’s sugar spoon, and the boys deliver every line with their usual note-perfect earnestness. Cynical and predictable? Oh yes, but this is ruthlessly effective too.

Heh heh, as stirring as Goliath’s sugar spoon! Be advised that the term loife is probably a nod to the lemony limey upbringing of ’em. Say life with that special Island accent. The original Island. Not this Island. Phew. . . The loife of a punning linguist, someone has to.

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