Meeting at Church

There is more to this story then the teaser: Cynthia May Chessman and Michael Morton met after a church meeting, but she had been praying for his release from prison for years.

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  1. Things like this happens when the goal for the attorneys are in win/lose terms and not in the actual truth. The cops are convinced and have a closed case, the prosecutor has a win under his belt and can affect his future. For the most part, the system works, but there are times…

  2. I know of a case where a person has been placed in Prison (and still remains there) for a crime he did not commit. That same person will have his day in court once again and very soon; where it will be proven that the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service with held evidence that would have other wise released him.
    (Then we will see heads role, and serving Police Officers will know what ‘porridge’ tastes like from the inside)!

    A recent in depth survey has revealed that possibly 25% of the people serving time in HM’s Prisons are in fact innocent?

    The Law is an Ass! Thankfully we have a very good system that assists those incarcerated; as well as a high percentage of Lawyers, Solicitors, & Queens Council’s (Barristers) who do believe in true justice.

    There is so much more I would love to leave here, but the ‘eyes & ears’ of big brother do tend to look in and silently observe…

    Yours Aye.

  3. Veronica: I am not sure. I imagine so.
    CP: I am in your camp.
    EB: 25%? That scares me. To my core. I believe strongly in the rule of law.

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