Back Alley Anything

I wince when I see the words back alley. And what Kasia Rivera did to Justin Street in a back alley only increases the wince factor. As for the whole procedure, I am squarely in Dr. Daniel S. Elliott’s camp. (Link mildly suitable for work, mildly unsuitable for a pre-meal read, and unsuitable for the jumpy.) Note: the story does not designate exactly which back alley Ms. Rivera performed her handiwork in. Justin Street would be a good guess.

5 thoughts on “Back Alley Anything”

  1. Yeeegawds! The story is horrendous enough but, anyone as willfully ignorant, vain & base enough to avail themselves to such snake oil doesn’t need to be passing on any genes to the specie’s DNA pool.

    And the “woman” doing the injections? I want a chromosome test to determine gender and whether or not she’s an Orc. Ghastly!

  2. I saw this story before anyone had commented on it and couldn’t believe anyone would be foolish enough to trust this woman…she looked like she was on heroin or something equally dangerous….this young man didn’t deserve to die for his stupidity….but die he did….k

  3. Eeekkk! There is also the article from the Daily Mail about women who went in for some enhancements and were injected with a cement mixture…brings new meaning to the phrase junk in the trunk!

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