Schall Elementary School and Toy Soldiers

A nine year-old boy brought cupcakes into Schall Elementary School in Caro (near Detroit.) And the school staff and principal Susan Wright took off the plastic Army soldiers he had placed on top of ’em. It was a guns and school thing. I am glad some folks are angry:

Martial arts instructor Josh Brown, who teaches both the father and son through his school at Caro Martial Arts, is one of the outraged local residents.

“He’s a little 9-year-old kid and it was his birthday cupcakes,” Brown said. “These guys (soldiers) are heroes, and too many people are confusing them with psychopaths.”

Actually, Diane Feinstein herself just broadly condemned all veterans. PTSD is a new phenomena, according to her. Iraq brought it on. . .

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  1. Feinstein is the biggest hypocrite on this planet. She carries a gun around because she claims to be a active reserve cop. Ole I want your guns Dianne is packing a piece. I still remember watching on T.V. her blowing the cops whole case on Richard Ramirez the Night Stalker. She blew the case just so she could get some face time in front of the press. She should be in prison, not congress. She is nothing but a bitter old hag.

  2. You know what I think? I’d say no one cares but obviously there must be someone out there who does….why don’t all these parents who actually possess a modicum of common sense, stand up and tell the schools that if they don’t behave like adults in the foreseeable future, all their students will be gone because parents still have the final say as to where their children attend school. They’re acting like paranoid maniacs. And I would subject no child of mine to them ever again…in fact I would insist on it…let’s just fire them all and home school everyone….how’s that for common sense….makes some to me….k

  3. I guess she does not understand the PTSD has evolved from shell shocked, to battle faituge to PTSD. Anything that come out of her mouth must be taken in jest. She would not know how to do a real job if she had to.

  4. Sgt M: Bitter old hag is right.
    CP: I saw that one in Maryland. . .
    CTT: You can self-promote whenever you want!
    Kris: Maniacs about describes it.
    mark: Politician =/= real job!
    Lauren: Good link on Joseph C. Phillips. I’ve not seen that.

  5. This is the letter sent to Ms Wright (as well as the 7 members of the board). Won’t lead to anything, but people have to stand up and speak……

    Susan Wright, Principal
    Schall Elementary School
    325 E Frank St
    Caro, MI 48723

    Ms Wright,

    I am a Grand Rapids resident and I read with great interest the recent story regarding the Fountain incident, where thirty (30) cupcakes were baked for a students’ class adorned with small, plastic, green soldiers on top. The student was subsequently admonished as “insensitive” and the soldiers removed and sent home in a bag. I have a question…… are you kidding me??? I cannot believe that you are using recent events at Sandy Hook to further your own politically correct and skewed beliefs. I am not a member of your school district, but I do have a 10 year old daughter and I can tell you if my daughter was a member of your school, I would pull her out and place her in another school immediately. Your attitude is dangerous as it demonstrates a lack of tolerance. It also shows you lack depth of thought/ analysis. No one believes that a toy soldier on a cupcake will inspire violence in a grade schooler.

    I think I am qualified to comment on this as I am a parent, a veteran with multiple combat and peacekeeping tours, and in my civilian capacity as a security and emergency management consultant, I advise all types of learning institutions as well as small and large businesses regarding the management of workplace violence and emergency situations like Active Shooters. You say your actions were not motivated with the intent to disrespect. I can tell you without hesitation that it was completely disrespectful. As if a plastic representation of a soldier could somehow be equated to the motivations of an insane person who chose to inflict indiscriminate violence on our children. There is no way you can spin this action as anything but what it is—an anti-military and anti-gun bias that permeates today’s education system. Within mass media outlets, it is still appropriate to “support the troops” but the reality among our supposed “enlightened” educators is a clear contempt for those who deploy to far off lands to do the jobs people like you are unwilling or unable to do.

    Your response said “living in a democratic society entails respect for opposing opinions.” It would seem that this is an appropriate statement only if those opinions fall in line with what you deem suitable and as long as that opinion is the same as yours. What about the views and opinions of the family that brought the soldier adorned cupcakes. Couldn’t you have just as easily defended the parents’ actions in bringing the cupcakes if some hyper sensitive parent complained about a plastic toy on a desert? Aren’t they entitled to your representation too? In the fairly recent past, any activity that has had even the most remote connection to firearms (ie the kid who was admonished and suspended for holding up a piece of pizza that was chewed into the shape of a crudely crafted pistol), the 2nd Amendment (ie the high school kid who was failed on a research paper regarding guns and the 2nd Amendment because it was about guns) or support for service members (ie the student who was suspended for wearing a US Marine Corps shirt to school because his brother was a Marine) is met with a virulent opposition under the umbrella of sensitivity to Sandy Hook or some other school tragedy. Educated people see through this every time and your argument is feeble at best.

    We expect better from our enlightened educators and administrators. Your comments and actions were insensitive, condescending, hyperbolic, damaging and ill-placed as you clearly used your position of authority to interject your own political beliefs. Pathetic. Is this what you call progressive?

    John D. Storer, MSIR
    Major, US Army, ret.

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