Huge Florida Mosques or Huge Florida Mosquitoes?

I sometimes see stubs of stories at certain websites. Little teasers trying to get readers in. I saw: Huge Florida mosqu. . . and immediately thought of Huge Florida mosques, right? Wrong we are:

The coming of huge Florida mosquitoes has become a trending topic on major search engines this weekend, as the CS Monitor reported this Saturday, March 9, that a type of giant mosquito — known as a gallinipper — may be invading the Sunshine State this summer if the warm season is too rainy.

Huge Florida mosquitoes
Huge Florida mosquitoes

Under the headline, “Huge Florida mosquitoes: Monster insects set to strike Florida”, sources report that a breed of “monster” mosquitos, called gallinippers, may be making their way to the southern state in the next few months. Called by University of Florida entomologist Phil Kaufman as one of the most ferocious insects, bigger than the size of a quarter , and with a bite that’s been described as being stabbed, these giant mosquitoes are certainly insects to watch out for.

What a disgusting creature. . .

7 thoughts on “Huge Florida Mosques or Huge Florida Mosquitoes?”

  1. Where are these giant mosquitoes coming from? And what type of health problems will they bring to America? What will they spread to the population while they are here? I bet they will be coming to mexafornia with in a year of not sooner. Because of air travel and various other transpositions they will be able to hitch a ride on.
    I wonder if we will have the pesticides that will deal with these mosquitoes?

  2. In a way, isn’t this reminiscent of the ‘killer’ bees that have arrived on the southern coast of America within recent years..there’s seems to be an uptick in insect infestations across the globe…k

  3. Heltau: That is the question. We need to attack ‘em at the source.
    Kris: Killer Bees meet giant ‘squitos. . .
    ND: Yes! My thoughts exactly.
    EB: Wait for it, wait for it. . .

  4. They know how to deal with mosquitos down there. When I got orders to Key West in the way back when there was an attachment instructing me that if I was traveling at night south of Miami and had a flat or car trouble to stay in my car with windows closed until well after sunrise. Of course this was well before cell phones.

    We also had the old C-47s doing the aerial spraying on a regular basis.

  5. This mosquito story reminds me of the book Micro by Michael Crichton…now those were some big bugs!

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