Buyer’s Remorse

“We thought they would be different from Mubarak, but we realised they’re worse,” said Mustafa al-Shan, 60 of Port Said, who said he voted for the Brotherhood in the last parliamentary election.

Like Richard D. Kahlenberg in an article titled The Leading Liberal Against Affirmative Action.

Lastly, if you intend on wearing Google Glasses, don’t go to 5 Point Cafe. The bar has banned the high-tech glasses. Before they are even on sale.

4 thoughts on “Buyer’s Remorse”

  1. This was to be expected….but this also illustrates continuing leftist mistakes…didn’t the Obama administration claim that an ‘Arab Spring’ would demonstrate an ‘outbreak’ of democracy across the Middle East? Talk about an ‘error’ in judgment…predictable and depressing….k

    1. Kristen, I am with you on this one…

      Fortunately the people of Egypt have tasted ‘freedom’ in the past, though restricted in the sense that we know it. It looks like the Muslim Brotherhood are being found out for what they really represent!

      The talk on the street over there is that they would even accept the old ruling part back; the National Democratic Party (but not Hosni Barak as its leader)?


  2. Kris: The Arab Spring or the Arab Winter?
    EB: That would be a welcome development.
    CP: You run one of those houses? You are a Monsieur?

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