Red Cup Living

Ah, the ubiquitous red cup. Toby Keith even has a song about ’em called the Red Solo Cup. (Not to be confused with the Han Solo Cup, which was one of Han’s biggest supporters.) Now the good folks at Red Cup Living are introducing the Red Cup Margarita Glass, Red Cup Cocktail Cup, Red Cup Wine Glass. And the Red Cup Coffee Mug:

Red Cup Living, Red Cup Coffee Mug
Red Cup Living, Red Cup Coffee Mug

Yes, it is ten bucks. No, it is not made of plastic. But stoneware. As in stonerware. . .

5 thoughts on “Red Cup Living”

  1. Is it necessary to have all the ‘Red Cup’ accoutrements to go with this intentional dive into ‘Red Cup’ life?? You know, Navy One, all the stoneware, the furniture and every other imaginable thing of ‘red’ design? I’d be curious; is this a trend??….k

  2. Red Solo Cup is one of the most-played songs on my iPod. I’ll have to get the stoneware version for those weekend mornings when I add a little coffee to my Kahlua…

    1. Hey, try it with Bailey’s Irish Cream & Kahlua…sounds like a match made in heaven…k

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