Welcome Matt Whelan

Mathew Whelan is Britain’s most-tattooed man, with eighty percent of his body all tatt’d up. Including, bizarrely, his eyeballs. You’ll especially like to hear that Matt (also known as King Body Art The Extreme Ink-ite) is currently a volunteer in the office of a Liberal Democrat MP. One job not for him: the welcome mat. Keep him away from the front of the house with that face. (I wonder if Mat knows Alicia Gutierrez?)

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  1. I do believe that people have a right to do what ever they want to with their body – and face – as long as it doesn’t hurt others. But I will never understand the mindset that makes him do this. Is it the wants attention, thinks his body is a canvas (and the freaking eyeball???) or is the making a statement? To me, he is just sad.

    1. Most assuredly, people can do whatever they want. As long as it does not infringe on my rights or the rights of others. That said, don’t come to me for a job!

  2. And Navy One, I believe I’ve imparted this anecdote to you at one time or another. While I was stationed in NCU London, one of the duties I was asked to perform was to spend six months up at the outlying communications center belonging to NCU in Eastcote. It was a small facility about thirty-five miles on the outskirts of London and once owned by NATO; the real job was to keep the antiquated teletypes and other devices running. There were maintenance personnel there as well and a Marine Division.
    Anyway, five days a week I’d take the Tube up to the town and walk a mile or so to the facility. It was a pleasant daily excursion into a lovely little town, filled with flowers almost year round. The highlight of the day however, was passing by one of the local townspeople, a young thirtyish (or so) man who was covered from head to toe (I only imagine that part because every body part of him I could see was covered) with tattoos. In fact, he had them for so long, there was a green tinge around all the artwork. I guess they had faded so much, that was what was evident and for which I was daily aghast anyone would abuse their bodies so. The added attraction and in my mind the most attractive part of this character was the green-dyed Mohawk, highlighted with mascara (black marker). As I said, it was a daily excursion into a fantasy world and I was endlessly amazed by anyone who would another thirty years down the road wonder why he had done this to himself.

    I for my part, still wonder why such human beings do these things to themselves because eventually they have to pay a price. This is exactly why I never entertained the idea of a tattoo after seeing this young man and his ultimate statement….k

  3. Coffeeypot & Kristen:
    I do feel as you do, Coffeypot, that this is a very sad case. He seems to want to stand out from the crowd, and that’s the only way he can manage it.

    And, Kristen, I believe you have to be right about his future, wondering why he had done it.

    Perhaps the Canadian who wanted his skull to use in mixing paint is the sickest.

    Oh, and Kristen, I hadn’t realized until seeing you message above, that you are located in England.

    1. I’m not Clark; that was years ago…I was stationed in London…I was originally born in New York State (Schenectady) and raised in Connecticut…I have since graduated to the DFW area in one of the many towns surrounding the Dallas Airport…I retired from the Navy a few years back in St. Mary’s Georgia (the Kings Bay Submarine Base) from ComSubGru 10 and lived in a housing development just outside the back gate…my Mom needed ,me in Connecticut and so I went back home for twelve years until she decided to take her final journey home to God….I knew as soon as she left, I wasn’t going to be long after her…but I was leaving for other parts of the US rather than joining her. It will be a few years yet before we find one another again but in the meantime, I’ll be fighting to save America from the incompetence that resides in the DC Beltway…how we got to this pass, I’ll never know but it is a worthwhile endeavor in each of our lives…don’t you agree??…I cannot and will not leave until I know we can defeat this ignorance and evil (and yes it is evil) that seems to have taken root in our country….it’s sheer laziness and ignorance…plus a particle of cognitive dissonance that has to be rooted out completely….and the person who didn’t begin this but enables and perpetrates it needs to understand to and know he will never be successful in the transformative change he wants to force on America and Americans….we will fight and he and his minions will lose…..God defend and help us….k

  4. Kris: I love that story of your time in London. Very colorful.
    Clark: I never understand this. If he wanted attention, he should have written a book, no?

  5. Navy Onem
    Well, two things: (1) Maybe he isn’t capable of writing a book, one that people will enjoy reading.

    (2) Sadly, writing a book won’t get you much attention unless you’re a celebrity (whether actor, sports hero, politician, porn star, retired prostitute, etc.) and you are published by one of the big conglomerates who will foot the bill for carpet bombing publicity.

    Strange, I’ve noticed, by belonging to various author/reader groups, that those peopled who still read for pleasure overwhelmingly prefer supernatural, zombie, werewolf and vampire literature. Including romance between normal humans and one type of those abnormal ones.

    Best wishes,

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