Eryn Sepp’s Tawdry Exaggerations

Do not go and read Eryn Sepp’s piece on the US military in the Daily Beast. You will not be pleased at the tawdry exaggerations she paints. Nor the picture she chose to include of a female military member doing what drill instructors once called eye-fourletterword-ing. Please, on International Women’s Day, can we not all get along?

Minutes after posting this, I stumbled onto my Shipmate’s excellent essay, which says everything I would want to about Ms. Zerlina Maxwell and her views on the military and women, weapons and sexual assault.

4 thoughts on “Eryn Sepp’s Tawdry Exaggerations”

  1. You’re right, I shouldn’t have read that. I stopped at “…institutionalized sexual violence in the military…” What a bunch of hogwash. Thanks for the link!

    1. It is just gross. I am being honest when I say I’ve never seen any form of sexual violence in the military. I don’t work in combat arms or with Public Affairs/Civil Affairs where this female soldier worked, but still. And you wrote a heckuva post. . .

  2. I posted this nonsense on FB…with the following….I tried signing in to vent my opinion but the Daily Beast is discriminatory as to who they allow to post despite the fact I have an account there…here you go:

    Your imagination, Ms. Sepp is highly inflammatory and clearly running away with you. I spent almost twenty-two years in the military and the characterization you cite is both asinine and full of false premises. You have no idea what you’re talking about and it’s obvious. Harassment? No and when it shows up in the military, it is dealt with efficiently and with certainty. I was never treated unfairly by any male military members either with favoritism or threatened by any man while there ..they know if such an event occurs their career will be over….so much hyperbole and so much BS emanating from you.


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