Günstige Ausschreibung Schnitzel Kostenlos Ein Gutes Zuhause!

Wie im Titel erwähnt, bieten wir günstige zarten Schnitzel kostenlos ein gutes Zuhause. Obwohl, bitte nehmen Sie zur Kenntnis, nur ein Schnitzel pro Haushalt. Leider können wir nicht zu ehren Coupons für diese Veranstaltung:

Council Submissions

Honorable Mentions

Non-Council Submissions

Um Ihre Gesundheit! Gesundheit!

3 thoughts on “Günstige Ausschreibung Schnitzel Kostenlos Ein Gutes Zuhause!”

  1. Okay, I am not going to cheat and go to Google translate. How about this for a translation: Technically (word) is schnitzel one schnitzel? That makes no sense. Heading over to Google Translate. Technically, a cutlet schnitzel. . .RGR!

    1. A schnitzel is a cutlet…as in Weiner or even Jaeger (Hunter’s) Schnitzel … But in this case a veal cutlet from Wein (Vienna)…if you’d had the exposure I had to German throughout my life, you’d understand…a German grandmother who tried to teach me some but by then she didn’t think in German any longer…and a Hungarian grandmother (my father’s mother) I barely understood …still after spending most of her life in the US, her accent was so heavy, it was difficult to grasp anything she said as she got older…k

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