Admirals, Marines, and UFC Fighters

Fallon Fox is a female UFC fighter. And Yahoo ran a little article on her. Apparently Fallon, now a lady with shoulders like an outside linebacker, was once a dude. But rather than giving us a picture of the fighter, Yahoo offered us a video. And I’m not sure I’m ready for her close-up. So I googled Fallon Fox and guess who popped up? Admiral Fallon, head of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM.) Here is the scoop on the real Fallon Fox:

Not UFC's Fallon Fox
Not UFC’s Fallon Fox

When Liz Carmouche fought Ronda Rousey at UFC 157, she became the first openly gay UFC fighter. The sport is breaking new ground again with transgender female fighter Fallon Fox. As a postoperative transgender woman since 2006, Fox has two professional wins under her belt. But her license is now under review in Florida, where she knocked out Ericka Newsome in a Championship Fighting Alliance tournament bout.

Liz Carmouche was a Marine. And so was Brian Stann, but he now is in possession of a very clean clock, courtesy of Wanderlei Silva.

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  1. Man, she has some guns, too. I wouldn’t want her to pound on me (or anyone else for that matter.) But she could definitely do some damage.

  2. You know, Navy One, we still live in a clearly defined universe….the world goes round with just two sexes and nothing else. Confusion? The only ones confused are people like these so-called transgender types…and they need to get a life as a human being of either sex…I think a lot of this is for those who lack a life and want attention. Sadly so…..k

  3. And I thought the vast choice of coffees on offer in ‘Costa Coffee’ was difficult to understand?

    For me. The subject presented here has so many different equations to understand; each in term contradicts the other, and that’s without throwing in the personal thoughts that I have towards transgender types.

    With an open mind; I would say that Fallon Fox should wait for the two to three year period she mentions in her interview (for her female hormones to kick in). A medical certification after this period would then substantiate her feminine position, this being the last hurdle before she is allowed to fight within female bouts.

    Regular medical check ups are required to ensure she maintains the hormone levels, which reduces the chance of cheating (sliding back to manly form).

    It is a scientific fact that such hormones will reduce her male aggressiveness once she has converted correctly; her ‘guns’ will reduce slightly in calibre as will her body form.

    There are some heavy hitters within the female international boxing world, who were born female, remain female, and have a husband and children. Fallon Fox may well come across a worthy opponent with the natural fighting tenacity found in a true female, that was placed there by nature to protect their young.

    Fallon Fox is not the first to hit this barrier, and strangely enough quite a few ‘male to female’ transgender types actually become so feminine that they leave the sport completely.

    I need a strong ‘cuppa char’…

    Yours Aye.

    1. I’m with you, Ex Bootneck…wanting to retch comes to mind first on the agenda…life is complicated enough for humanity to force themselves to deal with this little bit of insanity…and personal ‘me-ism’….whatever possesses these individuals to be so self-absorbed, aggrandizing, narcissistic and all about themselves is a staggering ego that doesn’t stop short of self-destruction…and it will most assuredly culminate in that….but that’s of no concern even if they manage to drag so many unsuspecting useful idiots with them….it’s about so much else…k

  4. Kristen;

    I read an article from the Lancet medical journal some while back that spoke of the amount of hormones finding it’s way into the waterways, as well as the fish that dwell there. The same hormones were in fact changing the sex type of the fish.,d.ZGU

    The lead story on the report was that the same hormones were changing adults sexual orientation (50’s to 60’s), due to the volume of fish as well as water digested over the years. In some areas of the UK there was visible evidence of ‘man boobs’ not attributed to their beer intake, but to female hormones. If I recall the areas mentioned had laboratory’s close by that were flushing water into the sewage treatment centres?

    Well, I eat fish and drink lots of water, and so far I appear to be ok… And I can assure all that read this I am 101% male with no intention of creating feminine bits!


    1. I’ve heard such theories as well, Ex Bootneck…and this is where conspiracy buffs take off into the stratosphere…some think it’s government gone wild or some other hypothesis …I don’t know quite honestly…Navy One is right in that The Lancet is a medical publication sponsored by British government leftists with an agenda in mind…they’re never satisfied and think government Utopia is just around the corner…and they’re the ones who can make it so…as Captain Picard of the Starship Enterprise is so fond of saying…

  5. CP: Good thing you shared that. Fallon’s fav thing to “pound on” are Navy vets. And she is coming to a Peachtree Rd/Ave/Ln near you soon.
    Kris: I agree 100%. I don’t get it.
    EB: Interesting facts about hormonal theory. . . (Be wary with the Lancet. They have an agenda. . .)

  6. NavyOne I absolutely agree, it is a known fact that the Lancet’s ‘wings’ have been clipped, in as much a host of bloggers are now able to tear a lot of their paper theories to pieces, such is the power the ‘net’ gives to one and all.

    They can no longer hide behind their white starched jackets as they once professionally did.


    1. The thing that really chapped me about the Lancet is there tally of Iraqi civilians killed by US troops. I saw the figure around 600K at one point. (If memory serves.)

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