Snow, Guns, Marines

7 thoughts on “Snow, Guns, Marines

  1. Looks like he is walking around Chicago last night. See save money, come to the burbs of Chicago for winter training, no need to go to Japan, we got snow here!

  2. I heard there was some sort of ‘global warming’ conference in DC or supposed to be in the past few days …Al Gore was supposed to be present…problem is every time some such occurrence or conference of this nature is announced, it snows…and they were expecting snow….too funny….AlGore deserves the mocking and the ridicule ten times over….k

  3. Going green with envy, which has brought back some great memories of Arctic warfare training …

    However; here I sit with my freshly brewed ‘wet’ of tea, and yorkshire cured ham salad sandwich, with two dogs snoring at my feet… My feet and hands are warm, and the sun is shining brightly; please delete ‘going green with envy’ and insert ‘great picture’ in place of it.

    Yours Aye.

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  5. EB: Going green with envy is good if you are jungle, because your green will meld. But I would suggest going white with fright. You will blend into the snow. Just sayin’.
    Lou: Aw c’mon. I can see you loving it. . .

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