Not San Diego, Diego Garcia

There is another Diego, not called San Diego, that serves as a military base. Diego Garcia usually stays out of the news, but this B-2 buzzing the beach put DG back into the news cycle:

Watch out! A B-2 stealth bomber coming in to land above a beach on Diego Garcia
A B-2 stealth bomber coming in to land above a beach on Diego Garcia.

6 thoughts on “Not San Diego, Diego Garcia”

  1. I have heard that DG is the place you send sailors as punishment, like the Air Force sending naughty guys to Nome, Alaska…in Bermuda Shorts.

  2. There was a Royal Marine detachment that served one year at a time on DG; their role was that of ‘customs and excise’. I applied twice (unsuccessfully); it was deemed as a Ship’s Draft.

    Thankfully I was unsuccessful, otherwise I would have missed out on my real adventure of serving aboard HMS London; swings & roundabouts in a Green beret (much appreciated the latter roundabout).

    Yours Aye.

  3. Yeah, I volunteered to go to DG myself…I’d only been at Winter Harbor, Maine for six months at the time and had just come for over two years in the Azores….so it was never to be…it’s a unique place…water on all sides….k

  4. Back in the day, mid/ late 60s I had heard a rumor about a “secret” Naval base under construction on a spit of British sand in the middle of the IO named Diego Garcia. It was said to be the Navy’s equivalent to the AF’s Thule, Greenland.
    We had a sailor in the shop ( in the frozen North East ) who was a DH. He had been stationed at N.I. ( San Diego ) and wanted to return to warm “GODs country” where the senoritas spoke his language. I suggested he contact his detailer about orders to Diego Garcia, it sounded like what he was looking for.
    I was in a FIGMO status and left shortly after. I was told someone put a stop on his orders to DG. Too bad. That was way before this. Click on General Info etc.

  5. EB: Glad you got to get underway instead. . .
    Kris: We don’t have any billets there, sadly.
    ND: Haha, he almost got the hookup!

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