Brigadier Selim Idris, Syrian Free Army

We call all brothers from all the countries, please, my brothers we do not need men. Stay in your own countries and do something good inside your own countries. If you want to help us just send us weapons or funding or even pray for us but you do not have to come to Syria,” said Brigadier Selim Idris, head of a rebel military command.

(Those) who are entering the country have a negative impact on the revolution, because we need the help from (Western and regional) countries. Please understand this issue.

–Brigadier Selim Idris, Syrian Free Army

Brigadier Selim Idris, Syrian Free Army
Brigadier Selim Idris, Syrian Free Army

I don’t think the General is getting his thoughts across to the jihadis. Men from Chechnya, like Omar Abu al-Chechen of the Brigade of Migrants, are streaming into Syria. It is the next battlefield, jihad for them. They don’t see the state as a future entity, only the caliphate.

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  1. Bang on the button NavyOne… The Islamic intruders offering assistance have their own ‘modus operandi’, and would seek to install their own Calif to the throne (above their seventh heaven) yet another supreme Ayatollah, effectively switching one dictator for another!

    The Western world will not entertain this, nor will they support the FSA should they lose control of their own rowdy idealistic rebels.. Rather than see Syria go the same way as Iran I would even suspect the Western world would do the unthinkable and assist and support ‘Assad’ (they could topple him at a later stage when a more favourable leader shows promise).

    Political and Religious chess at its best…

    Yours Aye.

  2. Unfortunately, Navy One, we have an administration that seems to think they are assisting democracy while they run guns to these so-called ‘freedom fighters’…all is a misnomer when we see these jihadi militants for who they really are…the ‘Arab Spring’ also remains a misnomer and as Ex Bootneck has said before me, they are trading one dictator for another in a theocratic Islamic regime. It doesn’t take much insight to see the world is headed for disaster…and a lot of it is due to the weakness of America at this moment in history and her own elected leadership…the sad fact is that this president (?) is far from being anything other than a totalitarian in the making and he chooses rather than project American power through our military, to destroy and dismantle that preferring instead to destroy public safety and national security by intimidation, bullying and threatening all the American people with executive power grabs. I don’t honestly believe Americans like him that much but the media prevents us from seeing the true nature of citizens’ feelings by implying they do…if I didn’t know better, I’d swear we were living in the alternate universe Adolph Hitler created for himself almost eighty years ago. And for those who are unaware and of the low information variety, this president is replicating everything Hitler did in Germany in all its frightening detail….And as a former German major in college, I do happen to know the history of a much maligned Germany and their travels into National Socialism (Nazism)……k

  3. “…only the caliphate.”

    The election or selection of a Caliph and creation of a Caliphate should be assisted & advanced by the West. The Sunni’s & Shias have been fighting over it since 632.

    Being the egalitarians we are, we could help both factions.

    Throw in competing Mahdis/12th Imams and pass the popcorn.

  4. EB: I am a little concerned with your other-worldly spelling of caliph, seeing as how I live in Calif. I am not, however, a jihadi, despite my blog name.
    Kris: A German major. I knew it. Any jaeger-schnitzel recipes?
    Struan: Pass the popcorn indeed. . .

    1. Speaking of which….one of the last times I was in Germany, I attended Oktoberfest in Munich (Muenchen with the umlaut)…there was a little German restaurant close to Wendy’s near the hotel where we stayed (by the train station) that made the ‘best’ Jaegerschnitzel I ever had …I had to drag my friend who went with me to the place…I still remember it fondly…I also remember the three liters of German beer I had at one of the Oktoberfest tents…very people know this little celebration which begins at the end of September is a children’s festival with all the rides and other applicable tents …the beer’s just a side effect…and after one or two liters, you really ought to give up…the beer is very heavy and all the bread ‘Prezen’, smelly cheese and white radishes are there just to absorb all the alcohol that comes with 12% bier….thanx for the reminder Navy One….k

  5. Whoooooo… Kristen

    I’ve got my collection of Beer Steins from the same place over a few visits.

    A good mate of mine (an ‘ex bootneck’ Jock from Edinburgh) drunk a group of rowdy Bavarian’s under the table. And the following day did the same again…

    Great sausages and food after gallons of Pilsner makes the world (and your stomach) go round.

    Prettiest barmaids with heaving ‘guns’… a great place to spend time on an adventure!


    1. I went to Oktoberfest many moons ago. I remember landing and going to a giant tent with impossibly giant breasted blonde women carrying impossibly many giant beer steins and singing a lot with giant red faced men ( and I ain’t exactly petite). Then, I remember waking up on a train outside of Carcassone with a bunch of French Paras, ungodly radish-beer breath and a hangover so bad my hair hurt.

      Those were the days, my friends…

  6. I believe its the bubbles in the beer that keeps gravity at bay… same tent, same beer mate…lol


    1. And I too remember the hangover…it ain’t no fun…I don’t know how they drink that beer…I recall drinking many a Navy sailor under the table in my younger days and all the hangovers undoubtedly left me many brain cells shorter than necessary…I shudder to think of what I lost after those bouts of excess…age and distance in time is a convenient excuse to dismiss it forever from your mind…k

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