Alo Presidente, Alo Caudillo

This article calls Hugo Chávez’ passing, Death of a Caudillo. I like foreign words that make it into our lexicon and Caudillo is certainly a good one:

Hugo Chávez, the late president of Venezuela, liked to present himself as a revolutionary, a socialist for the 21st century
Hugo Chávez, late president of Venezuela, socialist

Hugo Chávez, the late president of Venezuela, liked to present himself as a revolutionary, a socialist for the 21st century. Many members of the American Left presented him this way too. In reality he was the latest in the long line of caudillos, the strongmen who have been the scourge of Spanish America; “throwback” and “reactionary” are therefore more fitting ways to describe him.

Violence was his medium. A junior army officer, he did not hesitate to mount a coup, and once in power to devise a constitution that made him leader for life. He drove thousands into exile, expropriating their land and property. Venezuela depends on its oil, and nationalization of the oil companies gave him funds with which to buy popularity. Nobody knows the scale of the ensuing corruption, but rumor has it that Chávez and his family have amassed a fortune of $2 billion. Every week, he raised the political temperature with Alo Presidente, his very own television program, unscripted, the humor and the menace interchangeable. He militarized his supporters, putting them into red shirts and red berets. Opponents had to get the point, or face arrest if they didn’t.

As for the Caudillo, I heard an interesting story on an airplane about two years ago. A dapper-looking gentleman, who worked for a private company of some sort, chatted me up. And he said the Caudillo has blackmail evidence on various Hollywood celebrities. Hence, Sean Penn’s and Kevin Spacey’s support. . .

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  1. How interesting, Navy One….so what you’re saying is Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey celebrated Hugo Chavez because they were being blackmailed to do so? I wonder how advantageous it would be to pursue this line of inquiry….probably not worthwhile, at least for now….I wonder who else has that information? Hugo’s chosen successor??….to be honest, I’m not so sure that would have been necessary….these Hollywood leftists celebrate anyone with a totalitarian mindset…that’s who they are in terms of gullibility and naivete’….wouldn’t you say???…..k

  2. We had a lot of our Left wing socialist politicians wringing their hands and crying into their ‘Saville Row’ silk hankies in grief.

    They have praised ‘Alo Presidente’ to the high heavens for his socialist work and commitment in raising Venezuela from abject poverty to prosperity?

    The following from the excellent political ‘Guido Fawkes’ Blog here in the UK.

    Tears for Chavez from the usual suspects this morning. A few historical inconveniences that seem to have slipped their minds: Venezuelan hyper-inflation resulted in widespread food shortages; over the decade of Chavez’s rule inflation was over 1,800%. A friend of Castro, Ahamadinejad and Ken Livingstone, according to Freedom House he oversaw a decline in human rights after political arrests and pressurising voters. He supplied the socialist Syrian Assad dictatorship with the diesel that fuels the war machine that is slaughtering the Syrian people. And yet:

    Owen Jones: (Left wing columnist)
    “Really upset to hear of Chavez’s death. Ignore his ignorant critics. A democratically elected fighter for the poor.”

    Ken Livingstone: (Left wing ‘champagne socialist’ and ex London Mayor.
    “Hugo Chavez showed there is an alternative to neo-liberalism and colonialism in Venezuela and worldwide. He was a friend & comrade.”

    Diane Abbott: (Left wing Labour MP)
    “Hugo Chavez has died. Commiserations to his family & the people of Venezuela. Tragedy for Latin America & Caribbean.”

    Len McCluskey: (Communist/Socialist Union leader)
    “The executive of Unite, the biggest union in Britain and Ireland, wishes to express their deep sadness on behalf of its 1.5 million members at the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Our sincere condolences go to his family and the people of Venezuela.”

    Kevin Maguire: (Editor of the Daily Mirror, Left wing socialist morning newspaper). “RIP Hugo Chavez if reports accurate. One of a wave of Lefties who improved lives of South Americans.”

    George Galloway: (Left wing ‘Champagne socialist’ and hand shaker of all Dictators).
    “Farewell Comandante Hugo Chavez champion of the poor the oppressed everywhere. Modern day Spartacus. Rest in Peace.”

    Jeremy Corbyn: (Extreme Left wing MP, also writes a column for the Socialist tabloid news paper the Daily Star).
    “Very sad news at death of Chavez; he will leave a huge legacy of a different power relationship in Latin America.”

    Grahame Morris: (Left wing socialist MP)
    “RIP President Hugo Chavez. Deepest sympathies & respect for a true champion of the people from Labour Friends.”

    Chris Williamson: (Left wing socialist MP) “Desperately sad news from Venezuela. RIP Hugo Chavez you inspired progressives around the world. Viva Bolivar revolution.”

    Ian Lavery: (Left wing socialist MP) “Hugo Chavez has sadly passed on. A true socialist hero inspiring millions of ordinary people.”

    Quote from Ex Bootneck…
    May he rot in hell! Even though Chavez was a light-weight Dictator he still managed to create havoc within his ‘beloved’ country, destroying it’s infrastructure and lining his own (and his families) pockets with state money.
    End Quote.

    Yours Aye.

    Ex Bootneck

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