Hillbilly Millionaires on Duck Dynasty

I don’t watch the Duck Dynasty show on television, but I do find Uncle Si’s Army picture during the Vietnam era to be quite different from his current look:

Uncle Si from the Duck Dynasty. Not shown are Willie, Alan, Korie, Lisa, Jase, Missy, Kay, Phil,  Jep
Uncle Si from the Duck Dynasty.  

They have pictures of the others, Willie, Alan, Korie, Lisa, Jase, Missy, Kay, Phil, and Jep, at the link. Back before they growled with that hillbilly millionaire snarl.

11 thoughts on “Hillbilly Millionaires on Duck Dynasty”

  1. Oh, and FWIW, my Class A uniform picture from 40 years ago has absolutely no resemblance to my current appearance.

    I’m much better looking now…

  2. Kris: I’ve noticed less bug infestations since I’ve kept my hair short.
    CTT: Wow, I did not know where Terry Bradshaw went to school. We just stole their coach, Sonny Dykes! He is coaching at Cal now. . .

      1. Yes, Spike is still revered.

        Not being a Duck Dynasty watcher, the big beards baffle me, but they don’t bother me.

  3. For those who don’t know Si is wearing the rank of Specialist 5 (Spec5), a rank no longer used. It’s E-5 on the enlisted rank ladder, analogous to a buck sergeant though all sergeants outranked their Specialist counterparts. The Specialist ranks used to go all the way through Spec7 if I recall correctly but these days it’s only used for those E-4s who are nor Corporals, Spec4. The Specialist ranks above Spec4 were denoted by the small, curved hash stripe above the insignia. One for Spec5, two for Spec6 and so on.

    Just a little Army trivia for ya all.

    1. RGR all, Shipmate! I have a friend who was a Spec5 and he ran me through (explained it to me) that interesting rank. I think he was a cook or something. . .

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