Here’s the Thing, Mongolian Bling

I always find the mixing of cultures interesting (but not always beneficial.) For example, North African Tuareg rebels combined electric guitars and local music to form Tinariwen. And Mongolian Bling – Adventures in Nomadic Hip Hop, introduces us to Gennie, a Mongolian lady rapper:

Gennie, Mongolian Bling rapper teamed up with Enkhtaivan
Gennie, Mongolian Bling rapper teamed up with Enkhtaivan

Benj Binks filmed a movie on the subject starring Gennie and Enkhtaivan, as well as rappers Quiza, Gee, Bayarmagnai, Zorigtbaatar, Black Rose, and Nasanbat. Here is a link to a YouTube clip on the artists.

4 thoughts on “Here’s the Thing, Mongolian Bling”

  1. Well it’s not my thing; still far to much ‘crotch’ grabbing and gangsterism…

    Having said that; one of the worlds most successful gangsters was Genghis Khan!
    And in his own immortal words… “Conquering the world on horseback is easy; it is dismounting and governing that is hard”!

    And to leave you with the following little pearl of information, Genghis Khan’s last dying words to his son. “I have conquered for you a large empire, my life was too short to take the whole world; that I leave to you”…

    (Genghis Kahn took twice as much land as Alexander the Great; Khans son son took double again).

    Lets not underestimate ‘Gennie’ the Mongolian Bling rapper or any others of her ilk?

    Yours Aye.

    1. It is interesting, no? I wish them well, these people of the Khans. They are a tough bunch. As for conquering and governing, the Khans should try blogging! Now there is a real job. . .

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